A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2906

After all, Kai’s strength was not high, these people’s companions were frozen, dry and anxious with no way to save them, and now when they heard Kai say that, they just took their anger out on Kai!

“Shut the f*ck up, if you dare to beep, don’t mind if I do, who the f*ck let you in.”

“Since you want the treasure, be prepared to die, why should I care about you, you’re his sons?”

Old Sun’s aura instantly exploded as he looked coldly at those who were yelling!

Old Sun’s strength of the eighth grade of the Combined Body realm was considered high among this group, so with this outburst of anger, those people instantly shut their mouths!

Old Sun had just been saved by Kai, so of course he had to speak up for Kai!

Kai didn’t pay any attention to those who were shouting, the reason why Kai didn’t say anything about the formation was so that some of them would be frozen!

If there really was treasure inside this cave, the more people there were, the more difficult it would be for Kai to get his hands on the Ice Pill!

The death of these people didn’t matter to Kai, and it had nothing to do with Kai!

The reason why Kai saved that Old Sun was precisely because this guy, when he was outside the city of Jialing County, had helped himself to two words!

Another reason was the strength of Old Sun. If they really found the treasure, if Old Sun, Old Kong and Zuo Qing joined forces, Kai would have no chance of winning!

So now Kai had to rope one person in first, and among these three, Old Sun was the only one who had the intention to follow Kai and climb into friendship.

The pedestrians continued to walk slowly forward, this time all honestly following behind Kai!

After about an hour or so, this was the only time they got out of this area!

“Well, we’ve finally crossed this area ……”

“This area has been placed in a spell formation, if you go through it rashly, you won’t be able to get out at all!”

Kai let out a long breath!

Even though it was cold here, Kai’s body was actually sweating, and the steaming hot air turned into a gush of white mist!

Kai had been very cautious on this journey!

When the crowd saw that they were out of the area, they all let out a long breath!

On the way, however, there were still a few people who had become ice sculptures!

Kai sat on his knees, slowly adjusting his breath, although Kai had the Supreme Flame, it was not inexhaustible and needed to be absorbed and refined!

It needed to be absorbed and refined, so that it could grow slowly!

Just rescuing Gao Qijie and Lao Sun in quick succession had made Kai’s Supreme Flame very weak!

“Little brother, thank you ……”

At this moment, Old Sun walked over and followed Kai to thank him!

“Seniors don’t need to be polite ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“This is a life-saving gift, how can you not be polite!”

Old Sun said, reaching out and pulling out an immortal herb from his pocket, this one was now surprisingly reddish in colour and still warm!

“I have a warming back herb here, although it’s not very helpful for cultivation, but it’s good to bring with you to ward off cold qi attacking your body.”

“I brought it with me because I came to this extremely northern land, and I see that this girlfriend of yours has lower strength and is having a harder time withstanding this cold Qi, so I’ll give her this Returning Warmth Grass!”

Old Sun said, and handed the warming grass to Liu Ruyan!

However, Liu Ruyan did not take it, but looked at Kai.

“Since it’s a kind gesture from senior, then accept it!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Many thanks senior ……”

Liu Ruyan put away the Warmback Grass, and when she brought it with her, she really felt much warmer and more comfortable in her body!

Old Sun sat next to Kai and climbed up after him!

The two of them talked a lot, and they even laughed from time to time.

After the conversation, Kai realised that Old Sun, Old Kong and Zuo Qing were just a temporary team!

Although the three had known each other for a long time, their friendship was not particularly deep.

No wonder when Old Sun was frozen, the two men had no intention of offering help at all!


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