A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2905

Kai looked carefully at the cave in front of him, it was empty, nothing could be seen except the cold air, and the ice crystals around it!

Kai bit through his finger and casually pulled out a talisman, and after spending a figure on it, a spiritual fire set the paper on fire.

Although Kai was not as profound as Hu Ma Zi in the art of charms and incantations, he still knew how to make such simple charms and incantations to make the formation current!

As the talisman burned out in smoke, a spell formation instantly appeared in Kai’s eyes, only to see that the path beneath their feet had now turned into a chessboard, square by square!

As they walked, they could only pass through if they guessed the right place, and if they guessed wrong, they would immediately be frozen by the cold air!

After careful examination, Kai faintly tried to smile!

However, Kai did not break the formation, but said to Ji Yun and Gao Qijie and the others, “In a moment, I will walk in the front, you guys follow where I am going, don’t step on other places.”

“Do you all understand? You must step on the places I walk.”

Kai carefully admonished!

Now the entire formation was only visible to Kai, others could not see it at all!

“Good ……”

Several people all nodded their heads!

Kai began to walk forward, only very slowly, after all, there were people following behind him, Kai was afraid that some of them would not be able to see and go wrong!

Liu Ruyan was behind Kai, then in turn tile tank, Ji Yun …………

The people lined up in a line, slowly moving forward!

And the others saw Kai and the others had opened the way in front of them, and also started to walk forward!

Only, these people didn’t notice Kai and their footsteps, but walked forward casually!

Having just walked a short distance, someone soon got in the wrong place and their bodies began to be frozen by the cold air!

“Help, help …………”

“Help me, I’m frozen too ……”

People were constantly starting to get frozen, shouting for help!

But at a time like this, who could save anyone’s life?

“Lao Kong, Zuo Qing, something bad is happening …………”

At this moment, Old Sun suddenly stopped in his tracks, his eyes filled with panic!

Looking down, he found that his feet were also sealed in ice, and it was spreading rapidly towards his legs!

Seeing this, Old Kong and Zuo Qing hurriedly took a step backwards and pulled away from following Old Sun!

“Save me, you two hurry up and save me ……”

Old Sun yelled, and kept exerting his strength, trying to shake the frost off that foot!

But no matter how hard Old Sun tried, it was to no avail!

“Old Sun, I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do to save you, so you should take care of yourself ……”

Old Kong said and hurried forward, with Zuo Qing following behind him!

Old Sun’s eyes were filled with fear, and just as he was desperate, a flame suddenly shot towards him!

The flames exploded in front of them, and the scorching blaze instantly surrounded Old Sun!

Under the flames, the frost on Old Sun’s body melted away and his body was no longer bound!

Seeing this, Old Sun hurriedly leapt forward and landed elsewhere!

Although at this moment Old Sun looked in a terrible state, he was not so much frozen up!

Old Sun raised his eyes and found Kai looking at him, it was obvious that the flame had just been emitted by Kai, and it was this flame that had saved him!

“Follow my footsteps, don’t run around ……”

Kai followed Old Sun and said!

This time, all of them heard it, and only then did they understand why Kai and the others were on their way, and not a single person was being frozen!

It turned out that the path beneath their feet had a mechanism, and Kai saw through it, so as long as they followed the footsteps they would be fine!

“Why the hell didn’t you say so earlier? Did you cause my brother to be frozen up?”

“That’s right, what the hell do you mean? How cold-blooded are you for not caring when so many people are being frozen?”

Someone started yelling at Kai in discontent!


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