A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2904

Kai’s words made Ji Yun and the tile jar and the rest of them stare!

“Mr. Chen, there are still demon cultivators among these people? How come I don’t feel it at all?”

Wajang stepped forward and asked in a whisper!

“I can’t sense it either, I guess they’ve all used some kind of method to hide their aura, but there’s a strange movement in the Demon Whip, so it must mean that there are demon cultivators among these people.”

Kai said!

“These devil cultivators, how dare they mix inside the treasure hunting party, but when they find the treasure, they will definitely make a move, and once they do, these devil cultivators will definitely be exposed!”

Wajang was a little surprised at the audacity of these demonic cultivators!

“I’m afraid that these demonic cultivators will play dirty, so you all have to be more careful and not trust anyone inside easily!”

Kai admonished!

“En!” All nodded their heads!

The group continued to walk forward, and at that moment, the cave was filled with an extremely cold aura, and all of them had to mobilize their spiritual energy to resist the cold air!

On the contrary, Wajang and Gao Qijie and the others were not particularly concerned about this cold air!

After all, they had already adapted to this kind of environment!

After walking slowly for a few miles, the cold air became heavier and heavier, as if the whole space was about to freeze!

At this moment, Kai and the others were like walking in an ice palace, with ice crystals up and down and all around them!

At this point, Liu Ruyan’s body began to shiver and her clothes were covered in thick frost!

Seeing this, Kai took Liu Ruyan’s hand and a warm stream of warmth entered Liu Ruyan’s body along Kai’s hand, which made Liu Ruyan feel more comfortable!

“Everyone pay attention, if we go deeper, I’m afraid that the cold air will get even heavier.”

Kai warned!

But just as Kai finished speaking, suddenly Gao Qijie, who was walking ahead, stopped in his tracks, followed by a miserable scream!

“Third Young Master ……”

Several underlings of the Gao family rushed towards Gao Qijie!

When they heard Gao Qijie’s miserable scream, everyone stopped, and the next thing they saw was that Gao Qijie, who was originally unafraid of the cold, now his feet were actually starting to freeze rapidly!

Gao Qijie struggled desperately, but to no avail, even though he tried his best to absorb the cold Qi, he still couldn’t stop the speed of the freezing!

Several of the underlings of the Gao family also started to absorb the cold Qi and tried to save Gao Qijie, but their bodies began to freeze, but they were still unable to save him!

Seeing that the lower half of Gao Qijie’s body had been frozen, Gao Qijie panicked!

“Save me, save me …………”

Gao Qijie shouted, his eyes full of fear!

“None of you should move!”

Seeing this, Kai let go of Liu Ruyan and quickly stepped in front of Gao Qijie!

Immediately above the palm of his hand, a supreme fire fiercely rose up, and a sizzling warm current was instantly punched into Gao Qijie’s body by Kai!

At the same time, there was also a flicker of Supreme Fire above Kai’s palms, and the ice beneath his feet began to melt!

Just as Kai was casting the Supreme Fire, in the midst of the crowd, there were two people whose expressions became visibly surprised and puzzled!

Soon, Gao Qijie was free from his restraints, and Kai pulled Gao Qijie with him as he quickly retreated back!

“Third Young Master, are you alright?”

Several of the Gao family’s underlings hurriedly inquired!

Gao Qijie shook his head, then looked at Kai and said gratefully “Kai, thank you ……”

Gao Qijie did not expect that the person who saved him in the end would be Kai.

“This road ahead has been cast in a formation, if you take a wrong step, you will be frozen by the cold air ……”

Kai said as he looked at the road beneath his feet!

“A formation has been cast? In that case, there is a high probability that there are treasures inside this cave, after all, there are traces of man-made.”

Ji Yun said!

“Maybe, don’t move around yet, wait for me to take a closer look!”

Kai wouldn’t let anyone go any further!


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