A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2903

Gao Qijie opened his mouth and said, “My name is Gao Qijie, the third son of the Gao family in the extreme north, I’m sure you’ve all heard of my Gao family, right?”

“So many of you are gathered here, what’s all the commotion about?”

Gao Qijie introduced himself and then asked!

It looked like Gao Qijie was trying to make the crowd scare of the Gao family’s strength and then treat him with respect!

It was just a pity that no one paid any attention to Gao Qijie when his words fell!

There were even a few highly powerful cultivators who had disdain in their eyes and even let out a cold snort!

This made Gao Qijie lose face, but he couldn’t get angry!

After all, the men he had brought with him were only of the fifth rank of the Harmony Realm, so if he really had a conflict with the eighth rank of the Harmony Realm, it would be him who would suffer!

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Gao Qijie could only look awkwardly at Wajang and said, “Wajang, what’s going on here?”

He was more familiar with Tile Jar, and although the two of them had once been enemies, they no longer had to fight to the death!

“A cave has appeared here as a result of the collapse of the iceberg, and it is likely to be the location of the treasure.”

Wajang pointed to the dark cave and said!

Gao Qijie walked to the entrance of the cave and looked in, but found that it was pitch black inside and he couldn’t see anything at all.

“Since it could be the location of the treasure, let’s go in and take a look at it ……”

Gao Qijie looked at the crowd!

He didn’t understand, these people were all highly powerful, how come no one went in?

Everyone looked at Gao Qijie, the strength of the third grade of the Combined Body realm, yet he looked like he was tugging and pulling, completely like a gentry!

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Gao Qijie coldly snorted and said “A bunch of cowardly guys, you don’t go in, I’ll go in and take a look ……”

“You guys follow me at the back, don’t run around ……”

Gao Qijie barked at a few of his followers!

“Third Young Master, it’s better not to go in easily in such unknown caves.”

A Gao family subordinate advised Gao Qijie!

“If no one goes in, then who knows if there are treasures within this cave?”

Gao Qijie simply wouldn’t listen to advice!

“There is an extremely cold Qi inside this cave, it is dangerous to barge in.”

Kai saw that Gao Qijie just wanted to go in, so he also spoke out!

After all, Gao Qilan had saved Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng, and the two were still living in the Gao household!

If Kai watched Gao Qijie get killed and didn’t warn him, it would be a bit ungrateful!

In that case, he would be doing Gao Qilan a disservice!

Although Gao Qilan was very strict with Gao Qijie, Kai could tell that Gao Qilan loved Gao Qijie very much!

“The Qi of Extreme Cold?” Gao Qijie was stunned, then laughed out loud “How could our Gao family be afraid of any extreme cold Qi, we practice that kind of gong method, it’s fine even in severe cold weather ……”

The gongfu practiced by the Gao family was to use the harsh cold Qi of the extreme north to help themselves cultivate!

That’s why when their Gao family strikes, it’s an icy cold aura that can instantly freeze people!

How could Gao Qijie be afraid of that extremely cold Qi!

Gao Qijie went into the cave, and when several Gao family servants saw this, they had no choice but to follow him!

Seeing Gao Qijie enter the cave, Kai could only wave his hand and said, “Let’s go in too ……”

With the entry of Kai and the others, people started to enter the cave one after another, as long as there was someone to explore the way, they would feel much more at ease!

When they first entered the cave, it was very cold and dark inside!

But after walking for some distance, the walls of the cave were covered with countless shining ice crystals, which illuminated the whole cave very brightly!

The cave was large and slanted downwards. The entrance was not large, but the further you went in, the more space there was!

“Everyone be careful, be alert, there are demon cultivators inside these people ……”

Kai whispered to Liu Ruyan and Ji Yun and reminded them!


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