A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2902

“There’s something up ahead, let’s go check it out ……”

Kai quickened his pace!

Soon, Kai looked over from afar and found that in front of an iceberg, a dozen people were pointing at it, not knowing what they were discussing!

Kai walked over and found that a piece of the iceberg had collapsed in front of them, revealing a dark cave entrance.

And among these people, Kai surprisingly found the three people he had met as soon as he left Jialing County!

Old Kong, Old Sun and Zuo Qing …………

At that time, Old Kong was slapped by Lord Yan and all ran away in fear!

At this time, the three also saw Kai a few people, that old Kong walked over with a smile on his face!

“Little brother, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to see you again ……”

Old Kong greeted Kai after him!

It looked like he wanted to get close to Kai, after all, if he could get Lord Yan to help him, Kai’s status must be extraordinary!

Either he was related to Lord Yan, or he was the son of one of the great families!

Otherwise, with Lord Yan’s status, he wouldn’t bother!

“Senior, what a coincidence.” Kai also smiled slightly, and then asked, “Senior, what happened here?”

“Yesterday, a strange noise could be heard within this iceberg, and today a cave has collapsed here.”

“Now many people are speculating that there might be treasure inside this cave, only no one dares to go in first!”

Old Sun introduced!

“Senior, doesn’t anyone use their divine sense to probe a bit?”

Kai asked, puzzled!

“There’s no way for divine sense to probe inside, the temperature inside this cave is extremely low, and divine sense can’t probe very far.”

Old Sun said!

Kai looked at the cave in front of him, and a strand of divine sense instantly went towards the cave!

But just as his divine sense spread out a hundred metres, a sudden wave of extremely cold air seemed to blow outwards from the mouth of the cave, and Kai’s divine sense was instantly interrupted!

“The extremely cold Qi within this cave is really powerful ……”

Kai couldn’t help but exclaim!

Now, a dozen people were gathered around the entrance of the cave, no one dared to go in first to explore the way, after all, those who went in first would definitely encounter all sorts of dangers!

Just when everyone was at a loss for words, Kai suddenly felt that the demon-drawing whip in his storage ring was twitching and giving off a faint glow!

Kai sank his divine sense into the ring and watched the movement of the Demon Whip, he couldn’t help but frown “Why is this Demon Whip reacting? Is there a demon hidden among these people?”

Kai’s face was full of amazement, because faintly from the breath analysis, it was impossible to see who was a devil race in here!

After all, there were many ways for demons to hide their demon aura, such as using pills, or charms, they could!

If there wasn’t a huge difference in strength, it would be very difficult for a demon to hide his or her aura from many people around him or her!

But the Demon Whip was an immortal weapon, so even if the demons hid their demonic aura, they could not hide it from the Demon Whip!

Kai carefully looked at the dozen of people, trying to find the demons among them!

But after looking at them several times, he couldn’t tell them apart, so he couldn’t take out the Demon Whip at this moment!

If Kai took out the Demon Whip, I’m afraid he would immediately become the target of all the people’s attacks!

“It’s quite lively here …………”

At this time, someone suddenly spoke out, and everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from!

Only to see that Gao Qijie, with a few people slowly and leisurely walking over.

Gao Qijie’s face carried a bit of disdain!

Even if there was an eighth ranked cultivator of the Harmonious Body Realm amongst these people, Gao Qijie didn’t seem to have any regard for them at all!

After all, this was in the Far North, in the Gao family’s mu of land!

Gao Qijie looked around and only knew a few of them, Kai!


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