A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2901

“Take me to them, take me quickly to ……”

Kai could not wait to see the Fire Phoenix girls now.

“I still have to go to the cave and look for the one called Su Yuqi, if it’s really like what Fire Phoenix and the girls said, Su Yuqi is buried in the cave for so long, it’s dangerous.”

Gao Qilan said!

“There’s no need to go looking, Yuqi was taken away by someone ……”

Kai knew about the cave because he had felt Su Yuqi and the girls’ scent inside the cave, except that no one was inside the cave!

Now it seemed that Su Yuqi was injured and unable to move on her own, so she must have been taken away by someone else!

“Taken away by someone?” Gao Qilan faintly stared!

“You quickly take me to the Fire Phoenix girls now ……”

Kai urged Gao Qilan, he had to hurry to the Gao family and bring out Fire Phoenix and the girls!

“Calm down, right now the two of them are safe in my house, nowadays there is great chaos in the extreme north, there is danger everywhere!”

“If you take the two of them with you, will you be able to protect them? With the strength of the two of them, there’s no way they can protect themselves.”

Gao Qilan said to Kai!

After Gao Qilan said so, Kai then quieted down!

Now that he was going to search for the treasure, it would definitely be very dangerous if he took Fire Phoenix and the two of them with him!

It was better to be safe at the Gao family!

“Miss Gao, then please, take care of Fire Phoenix and the girls for me, and when I find the treasure, I will definitely come to my door to personally thank you.”

“You must ensure the safety of the two of them, promise me ……”

Kai pinned all his hopes on Gao Qilan!

He could see that Gao Qilan was not a bad person and was a warm-hearted person!

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, no one will bully the two of them in the Gao family.”

Gao Qilan assured!

After some conversation, Gao Qilan was ready to go back and tell Fire Phoenix and the two of them that if they heard the news about Kai, they would definitely be happy! >
“Little Jie, you come back with me ……”

Gao Qilan said to Gao Qijie!

“Sister, big brother told me to come out to observe the movements of those demons, and to look for the treasure and the ice spirit fragment in the meantime.”

“I came out with a mission, I can’t go back ……”

Gao Qijie shook his head and said!

“With this ability of yours, now that it’s so chaotic outside, it will definitely be dangerous, you come back with me, I’ll go talk to big brother.”

Gao Qilan insisted on letting Gao Qijie go back!

After all, Gao Qijie’s strength of the third rank of the Combined Body Realm was now considered the lowest in the Land of the Far North!

Although the Gao family was well known in the Land of the Far North, but some cultivators from other places, who would care about your Gao family or not!

As long as there is a conflict of interest, they will not hesitate to take action!

If they could just take the resources and leave, would the Gao family still have the ability to chase them to the north and south of the sky?

“Sis, I’m not going back, I’ll protect myself, besides I’ve brought so many people with me, it’ll be fine.”

“And this area, I can walk with my eyes closed, it won’t be dangerous.”

Gao Qijie was dead set against going back!

When Gao Qilan saw this, he could only sigh helplessly and said, “It’s fine if you don’t go back, but if you make a move against Kai, I will definitely not spare you.”

“Don’t worry, he’s your savior, I won’t deal with him anymore ……”

Gao Qijie assured!

After receiving Gao Qijie’s assurance, Gao Qilan then went back at ease

After Gao Qilan left, Gao Qijie looked at Kai coldly twice, and then also led his men away!

Only Kai and the others were left to continue their search for the treasure!

After a night’s rest, they started looking for the treasure again!

Even with the treasure map, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the exact location of the treasure!

Not long after they had left, Kai used his divine sense to detect that there were a lot of chaotic auras not far from them, and there should be a lot of cultivators gathered!


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