A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2900

“Huh? A life-saving benefactor?” Gao Qijie was stunned, his face full of disbelief!

“I don’t want to, you’re just lying to me, this guy’s strength isn’t even as high as yours, how could he possibly save you.”

“You hurry up and get out of the way, I’m going to waste him, all get ready to do it ……”

Gao Qijie didn’t believe Gao Qilan’s words at all and shouted loudly to his men!

“How dare you ……” Gao Qilan’s eyes glared, scaring all those Gao family underlings, their bodies trembled!

Gao Qijie was about to say something else, but he saw Gao Qilan step forward and slap Gao Qijie right in the face!

“You don’t even listen to me anymore, what a revolt, do you want me to tell big brother to take you back and give you a good beating, then you’ll be honest?”

Gao Qilan looked at Gao Qijie coldly!

This time, scared Gao Qijie enough, hurriedly changed a look of aggression, pulling Gao Qilan’s arm said “sister, you do not tell big brother, I listen to all of you still can not, I am wrong ……”

Kai looked at Gao Qijie’s appearance and couldn’t help but laugh!

It seems that this is really one thing down one thing, the younger brother is afraid of his sister, and really bloodline suppression ……

“Are you alright?” Gao Qilan asked as she walked towards Kai!

Kai smiled and shook his head!

“This kid is looking for trouble with you, tell me and I’ll clean him up for you, this guy will just go around causing trouble!”

Gao Qilan said as he glared at Gao Qijie!

Gao Qijie lowered his head and didn’t dare to say a word!

At this time, Ji Yun, who was at the side, saw Gao Qilan and his eyes went straight!

He was instantly attracted by Gao Qilan’s beauty!

“Hello Miss Gao, my name is Ji Yun, the Grand Duke of the Flying Sky Sect ……”

Ji Yun took the initiative to step forward and followed Gao Qilan as he introduced himself!

“Oh!” Gao Qilan just glanced at Ji Yun and acted very coldly!

Ji Yun instantly bumped into the wall and made a face full of embarrassment!

“Miss Gao, where are you going? Are you also looking for treasure?”

Kai asked!

After all, the matter of the treasure was now well known throughout the entire land of the Far North ……

“I’m not looking for treasure, I’m going to look for someone ……”

Gao Qilan said the matter of finding Su Yuqi, briefly!

Gao Qilan spoke with ease, but did not know that the expression of Kai who was listening had become excited!

“Miss Gao, what are the names of the two girls living in your place? What are their names?”

Kai said as he suddenly grabbed Gao Qilan’s arm in excitement!

Gao Qilan frowned slightly, Kai grabbed her like that and it was hurting her!

“Kid, let go of my sister ……”

Seeing this, Gao Qijie hurriedly yelled at Kai!

“Shut up!” Gao Qilan glared at Gao Qijie!

Gao Qijie slinked back, while Kai hurriedly let go of his hand and apologized “Miss Gao, I’m really sorry, I was too excited!”

“The girls who are living in my house right now are called Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng, and the girl who asked me to go to the cave to look for her seems to be called something like Su Yuqi ……”

Gao Qilan said!

When Kai heard these names, his body was trembling.

“It’s them, it’s them …………”

Kai mumbled out of his mouth!

Seeing that look on Kai’s face, Gao Qilan was dumbfounded!

“Sister, these girls you’re talking about, are they the ones that Second Brother captured to enjoy?”

Gao Qijie didn’t notice Kai’s abnormality, but asked Gao Qilan!

Hearing Gao Qijie’s words, Kai’s brow furrowed as a terrifying killing aura instantly filled the air, enveloping everyone present in the Gao family!

If it was truly as Gao Qijie had said, the Fire Phoenix girls had been insulted by the Gao Clan’s people!

Then Kai would make the Gao Family disappear forever!

Sensing the sudden murderous aura on Kai’s body, Gao Qilan took two steps backwards with a face full of shock!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan hurriedly explained, “Miss Gao, the girls you just mentioned are all Kai’s women, they have been separated for a long time, and Kai has been looking for them.”

When Gao Qilan heard this, she immediately understood why Kai was full of murderous aura, and hurriedly explained “Kai, don’t misunderstand, my second brother didn’t touch them at all, I arranged for them to stay at my residence, besides, my second brother had already been taught a lesson.”

Hearing Gao Qilan’s explanation, the murderous aura on Kai’s body slowly disappeared!


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