A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2898

Looking at the pampered Gao Qilan, Gao Qiang was not at all temperamental!

“Is it because of the two girls’ matter?”

Gao Qiang looked at Gao Qilan and asked!

“Brother, you know all about it?” Gao Qilan smiled awkwardly!

“In the Gao family, what can be hidden from me?”

Gao Qiqiang laughed!

“You still said that since you couldn’t hide it from me, you didn’t care if Second Brother caught two girls and wanted to spoil them.”

“Luckily I arrived in time, otherwise the two girls would have been spoiled by Second Brother.”

“Second brother, this big pervert, is too bad, I want to see him, and also scold him ……”

Gao Qilan said in a huff!

“It’s really time for your second brother to take control, but you shouldn’t always scold your second brother, after all, he is your brother.”

“Wait for some time, I’ll find a daughter-in-law for your second brother, he might be better off.”

Gao Qiqiang said!

“Then big brother, when will you find a sister-in-law for me?” Gao Qilan asked!

“I’ll forget about it, looking at you guys gives me a headache, where would I find the time to find a sister-in-law.”

“If you want to go out, go to the Grand Elder and send a few people to protect you, plus go to the warehouse and collect a few life-preserving array plates.”

“Be careful yourself, don’t cause trouble, I’ll be heartbroken if you get hurt.”

Gao Qiang said as he looked helplessly at Gao Qilan!

“Thank you big brother, I love you ……”

Gao Qilan gave Gao Qiang a kiss on the cheek and ran out fast!

Looking at Gao Qilan’s back, Gao Qiqiang smiled helplessly, who let him spoil this sister of his, then he could only be taken!

Gao Qilan received the formation plate, let the eldest elder send two people to protect it, then walked out of the Gao family and went to look for the cave that Fire Phoenix and the girls said they would go to.


Kai and the rest of them were walking on the ice field!

Every now and then, they would see the corpses of a few cultivators!

The originally peaceful land of the far north had now become a killing field, after all, driven by profit, everyone would become selfish!

“Let’s all be careful and try not to follow the others into conflict, our purpose is to find treasures, not to rob others of their resources!”

Kai whispered!

These words of Kai were meant for Ji Yun and the others to hear, after all, Wajang and Liu Ruyan, would not be robbing others of their resources!

But not so for Ji Yun and the others, being the gentry of the Flying Sky Sect, they had that weak and strong nature in their bones!

“Don’t worry brother Chen, since I’m following you, I’ll listen to you, we’ll only look for treasures ……”

Ji Yun hurriedly expressed his loyalty!

Especially looking at those corpses of the other cultivators, at this moment, Ji Yun also knew that there were dark currents in this extreme north land!

Just after Kai and the others had marched for almost a day, suddenly Kai waved his hand and told the crowd to stop!

Then he looked deadly at a small snow pack not far away!

“What are you capable of being sneaky, come out ……”

Kai shouted loudly at the little snowbag!

Sure enough, at Kai’s shout, five people slowly walked out!

The leader was none other than the third son of the Gao family, Gao Qijie!

Seeing Gao Qijie, Wajang’s face turned ugly!

“I really didn’t expect that we would meet again, and on my turf at that ……”

Gao Qijie looked at Kai with a cold smile on his face!

Kai glanced at Gao Qijie and then at the people behind him, but they were only at the fifth rank of the Combined Body realm, there was nothing to fear in the slightest!

Even if Kai didn’t make a move, Ji Yun’s strength of the seventh rank of the Combination Realm would be enough to deal with it!

“Yes, I didn’t expect such a coincidence, you’re hiding here, are you waiting for me?”

Kai asked without the slightest panic!

“But, I was just waiting for you, I’ve always remembered the revenge of the Jia Ling County Ring!”

Gao Qijie’s eyes faintly stared, a cold intent bursting out from his eyes!

“What can you do if you remember? With just a few of you, you can still stop me?”

Kai had a look of disdain on his face!


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