A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2897

“Fine, you guys won’t let me go out, then I’ll go find my brother ……”

Gao Qilan huffed and puffed as he walked towards Gao Qiang’s residence!

At this moment, Gao Qiqiang was following a few elders to discuss matters!

“Family head, right now, the entire land of the extreme north is in chaos, there are battles happening everywhere!”

“And we’ve scouted that a large number of devil cultivators have started to mingle among these cultivators, also waiting for an opportunity to find treasures, and snatch resources.”

The Grand Elder followed Gao Qiqiang and reported!

“What’s the reaction from the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s side?”

Gao Qiqiang asked!

“The clan leader of the Ancient Body Refining Clan doesn’t seem to have made any moves, except that the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s tile tank, followed a few cultivators from other places and left.”

“It seems that they also went to search for treasures, and they brought along the Demon Whip …… with them.”

The Eldest Elder whispered!

“A devil whip?” Gao Qiqiang smiled faintly “This old thing, it seems that he also knows that the devil race will definitely take advantage of the chaos to seize resources and territory.”

“He deliberately spread the treasure map of the Ancient Body Refining Clan and muddied up the Land of the Far North, didn’t he want to draw out the devil clan hiding in the Land of the Far North.”

“Now he has gotten his wish, only that he is afraid that they, the Ancient Body Refining Clan, do not have the ability to destroy these demon races.”

“Grand Elder, you should also send out more men to kill the devils on sight, and we should also help the Ancient Body Refining Clan, if the devils are not destroyed, the Ancient Body Refining Clan will have a hard time sleeping and eating.”

Gao Qiqiang had long guessed the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

“Clan Master, we have to help that Ancient Body Refining Clan, haven’t we always been enemies?”

The Eldest Elder was puzzled!

“Enemies?” Gao Qiqiang smiled coldly “Remember, our real enemy is the Demon Clan that is ensconced in the extreme north, don’t you see that over the years, the Demon Clan has not caused any impact on us.”

“That is because they are recuperating, once they grow stronger, then they will be like fierce beasts that will eat us up without mercy.”

“What’s the Ancient Body Refining Clan compared to the fierce beast-like Demon Clan, I’m sure that old thing thinks the same way.”

“After all, their ancestors had killed many demon races and even sealed the demon race’s divine souls.”

“If the Demon Race grows, will the Ancient Body Refining Clan still be able to exist?”

Gao Qiqiang’s words made several of the seekers startled!

What they had thought to be enemies, now seemed to not be enemies!

It seemed that there were no eternal friends or enemies in the world, it just depended on whether one’s interests were damaged or not.

The Gao family was more willing to stand with the Ancient Body Refining Clan than the ferocious Demon Clan!

This was the wisdom of the top brass, they never saw what was in front of them!

“Brother, why don’t you let me go out anymore?”

Just as Gao Qiqiang was following a few elders to discuss, Gao Qilan pushed the door open directly and questioned Gao Qiqiang!

Seeing Gao Qilan, Gao Qiqiang frowned, then waved his hand to let those elders leave!

If Gao Qisheng and Gao Qijie had dared to barge in like this, Gao Qisheng would have slapped them!

But in the face of Gao Qilan, Gao Qiqiang did not dare to vent his anger ……

“Little Lan, I am also afraid that you will be in danger, now you know that the extreme north is too chaotic and not safe at all, what if you go out like this and are watched by someone?”

“You are a girl, if you are targeted by the bad guys and something happens to you, how can you let me live?”

“How can I face my dead parents?”

Gao Qiang followed Gao Qilan with a serious tone!

“Brother, if you are afraid that something will happen to me, you can send two people to follow me, I have something to do!”

Gao Qilan stepped forward, grabbed Gao Qiang’s arm and started to pout!


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