A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2896

“No, no, no, I just, I just wanted to ask, can I follow you guys?”

“After all, in this far north land, there are dangers everywhere, and there are more and more people looking for treasures, when we really find the treasure, we can’t avoid killing each other, so I feel that if we work together, we can also increase our strength a bit!”

Ji Yun said to Kai!

Ji Yun now saw that Kai was highly powerful, so he wanted to follow Kai and make an alliance, after all, in this Celestial Realm where strength is everything, strength is everything!

Kai took a look at Ji Yun and knew that this guy would definitely not play tricks, so he nodded and said “Alright, then follow me ……”

Seeing Kai’s promise, Ji Yun acted very excited.

Soon a group of people began to continue to rush, looking for the location of the treasure!


The Gao family.

Inside Gao Qilan’s room, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng had Gao Qilan’s protection and were never harassed by Gao Qisheng again!

Both of them were very grateful to Gao Qilan!

“Right now, the entire Land of the Far North is in chaos, so you two stay here well for now, and when this time has passed, I’ll send you two away!”

Gao Qilan said to the two!

“Miss Gao, thank you so much, but we have a friend that is still in a cave, we are afraid that she is in danger, so we have to go and find her.”

Yu Jia Meng was worried about Su Yuqi!

Although the fire phoenix had put a fire feather on Su Yuqi’s body, the severe cold couldn’t harm her at all, but she was still worried!

“You guys tell me the address of that cave, I’ll go and look for it for you.”

“If you guys go out like this and my second brother sees you, I’m afraid you’ll be in his demonic hands again.”

“This guy, my second brother, is a big pervert, he just likes women, I’ll ask my big brother to teach him a hard lesson sometime, so that he can change!”

Gao Qilan was furious at the mention of her second brother, Gao Qisheng! r>
After all, she was also a girl, if she was forcibly spoiled by someone, then she definitely didn’t want to live, to know that chastity is very important to girls!

Although there are many girls in today’s society who take their bodies and don’t value them at all, casually handing them over, and even using them to earn money!

But those are the minority after all, girls still have to respect themselves!

Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng thought about it, so they told Gao Qilan the general location of that cave, and told her where Su Yu Qi was hiding too!

“Okay, don’t worry guys, I’ll set off now, I’ll come and let you know when the time comes, whether your friends are still there or not!”

“You guys stay in my room, don’t move around, someone will give you your meals on time every day.”

After Gao Qilan had finished her instructions, she turned and left the room!

Just as Gao Qilan was about to leave the Gao family, she was stopped directly by the guards at the entrance!

“Eldest Miss, the family head has ordered that you are not allowed to leave the Gao family gates anymore.”

The guard said to Gao Qilan!

“Get out of my way, I want to go out for some fresh air ……”

Gao Qilan directly pushed the guards away and was about to walk out!

But the two guards stopped Gao Qilan again, blocking her path!

Gao Qilan was stunned, and then frowned and said “You two are looking for death?”

“Miss, even if you kill us, we can’t get out of the way, this is the order of the family head.”

The two guards said!

“You two guys, you really think I don’t dare to kill you ……”

Gao Qilan said, raising his hand and about to strike!

But the two guards still didn’t move a muscle, even if they died, they wouldn’t let them look!

Seeing this, Gao Qilan could only helplessly withdraw her hand, she was just scaring, how could she kill the two guards!

After all, the two guards were following orders!


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