A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2895

“No wonder it’s so difficult for Mr. Chen to raise a realm, it’s surprising that his strength would increase by such a large amount when he raises a small realm!”

“It looks like that Combined Body realm seventh grade fellow is no match for Mr. Chen.”

Wajang felt very shocked as he watched the fight between Kai and Ji Yun!

Liu Ruyan also had a shocked look on her face, Kai’s performance had made her feel surprised too!

As for Shi Tieqiao and the old woman at the side, their faces had become incomparably ugly at this moment!

They could also see that Kai was just teasing Ji Yun, and only Ji Yun himself was roaring in anger as he kept following Kai in his collision!

“Rumble …………”

Ji Yun roared in anger as he punched Kai as hard as he could!

He was going to fight quickly, after all, no matter how rich he was, he couldn’t carry a lot of array discs on him!

These array discs, they were his means to save his life, and now he was actually forced to use them all by Kai!

Kai was knocked out with a punch!

Only Kai’s fleshly body was so strong that Ji Yun’s punch did not cause any damage to Kai at all!

“What? Run out of enchanted array discs?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Even if I don’t use the array disc, I can still beat you ……”

Ji Yun was still arrogant and cocky!

Kai smiled coldly “Since you are still not resigned to your fate, then I will let you see my true strength ……”

As Kai finished speaking, his aura began to climb!

The Golden Body of Incorruptibility covered Kai’s entire body, and the golden light continued to radiate, shining out hundreds of meters!

Along with the first glimpse of golden light, Kai’s aura seemed to have no end as it continued to climb!

Ji Yun’s face changed and changed, he didn’t expect that after following Kai so many times, Kai hadn’t even used his full strength yet!

This was too outrageous ……

“Have you seen my strength?”

As he spoke, Kai had already arrived in front of Ji Yun!


Without waiting for Ji Yun to make any movements, a large hand of Kai descended from the sky!

This large hand enveloped Ji Yun, and within that hand, there were constant flashes of lightning!

“What kind of move is this ……?”

Seeing this scene, Ji Yun’s eyes were wide open, his face full of surprise!

That Shi Tieqiao and that old woman were even trembling with fear!

“Running Thunder Palm …………”

Along with an explosive cry from Kai’s mouth!

A ray of thunder and lightning rapidly descended from within that Running Thunder Palm, instantly striking Ji Yun’s body fiercely!

Ji Yun tried his best to protect his body by using all his spiritual energy!

However, under the thunderbolt palm, Ji Yun was still knocked down and his body was then smashed into the ground!

With a wave of Kai’s hand, the Thunderbolt Palm instantly disappeared!

The ground was a huge crater, and Ji Yun was lying in it, all in a mess!

At this moment, Ji Yun’s heart was filled with fear!

If Kai hadn’t stopped just now, he would have been a corpse by now!

“Are you convinced?”

Kai asked as he looked down at Ji Yun!

“My lord …………”

Shi Tieqiao and the old woman helped Ji Yun to his feet!

Ji Yun looked at Kai with fear in his eyes and nodded his head forcefully “Convinced, I am convinced ……”

Looking at Ji Yun’s appearance, Kai did not make a move, after all, he did not have any deep hatred following the Flying Heaven Sect!

The first thing that happened was that he let the winged dragon of the Flying Sky clan go first, and as long as the Flying Sky clan was not looking for trouble, Kai would not care!

After all, one more enemy is one more trouble!

Kai felt that he had enough trouble now!

“Since you’re convinced, then get lost, and I hope you won’t provoke me in the future ……”

Kai said with a wave of his hand!

But that Ji Yun didn’t leave, instead he looked at Kai like he wanted to say something but didn’t!

“What else do you want to do? Are you waiting for me to kill you?”

Kai asked as he looked at Ji Yun coldly!


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