A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2892

Ji Yun looked at Liu Ruyan and the tile jar, his face filled with a hideous grin!

“Aren’t you two going to get lost?”

Ji Yun said with a cold smile!

“We won’t let you touch Mr. Chen even if we die.”

Tile Tank said with a determined face!

“Quite a backbone, in that case, then I’ll let you all die ……”

When Ji Yun finished speaking, he slapped his palm towards Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan!

Ji Yun’s strength, is much higher than the two, this palm down, the two people simply do not have the slightest ability to fight back!

They could only watch as Ji Yun’s terrifying palm struck at them like a god of death!

Liu Ruyan took a reluctant glance at Kai, then closed her eyes and waited for death to come!

As they were about to die by Ji Yun’s hand, a spiritual force instantly cut through the void from behind the two of them and ruthlessly followed Ji Yun’s palm to collide with it!

Boom …………

A huge force exploded and the bodies of both Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan were blown backwards!

“Who is it?”

Ji Yun’s face turned cold as his body followed suit and fell backwards a few steps!

“A seventh-ranked cultivator of the Combined Body Realm and a grandson of the Flying Sky Sect, what kind of skill is bullying a woman?”

Kai slowly got up, with a few chills in his eyes!

“Kai …………”

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing Kai wake up from his cultivation, Tile Tank and Liu Ruyan all shouted in excitement!

Ji Yun glanced at Kai and said with a cold smile “What? If I don’t bully them, I’ll bully you? You’re a tiny second-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm and you dare to talk to me like that?”

“Back in Jialing County, if it wasn’t for that Lord Yan, do you think you would still be able to leave alive?”

“If I run into you here today, we’ll settle old grudges and new ones together.”

Kai gave Ji Yun a disdainful look, then turned to Liu Ruyan and Tile Jar and asked “Are you two alright?”

“Yes!” Wajang shook his head!

And Liu Ruyan asked “Kai, how is it going, did you break through?”

Kai nodded “I’ve broken through ……”

Originally, Kai was at the peak of the second grade of the Combined Body Realm, so he was able to break through with a little absorption of resources!

If it wasn’t for the Wordless Heavenly Book, Kai would have broken through to the third rank of the Combined Body Realm by now!

Seeing Kai’s breakthrough, Liu Ruyan smiled, so that Kai would not have to be afraid of Ji Yun, who was at the seventh rank of the Harmony Realm!

When Ji Yun saw that Kai had ignored himself and was chatting with Liu Ruyan, he was furious!

He was at least a seventh-ranked cultivator in the Harmony Realm, but these two or three ranked guys in front of him didn’t give a damn about him!

Were these few fellows not afraid of themselves at all?

“You guys, it seems that if I don’t give off my authority, you don’t know how many eyes the King of Horses has ……”

Ji Yun roared!

Kai coldly looked at Ji Yun “What? You want to make a move?”

“Humph, to deal with a small cultivator like you, where is the need for me to make a move, wouldn’t that lower my own status.”

Ji Yun said, then turned towards the three of Shi Tieqiao and said “Which one of you will go and waste this kid for me?”

Shi Tieqiao and the old crone did not move or speak, after all, they had seen Kai’s strength!

Although Kai looked like he had just reached the second level of the Harmony Realm, his strength was so high that they were no match for the fifth level of the Harmony Realm!

And the fifth ranked Harmony Realm cultivator who had brought Ji Yun and the others spoke up!

“My lord, I’ll clean up this brat for you, a tiny Harmony Realm Second Grade cultivator, he can still be feared.”

The cultivator said with a disdainful expression!

In his opinion, Kai, a small second grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm, was just a matter of a punch or two, nothing difficult!


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