A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2891

The ice fragment was almost finished being absorbed, but Kai still had no sign of a breakthrough, which made the two of them very anxious!

After another hour or so, four figures slowly appeared, and among them was the cultivator who had just left!

“People from the Flying Sky Sect?”

Liu Ruyan was frozen when she saw the visitor!

Only to see that the cultivator who had just left was looking for Ji Yun of the Flying Sky Sect and Shi Tieqiao, including that old crone!

Seeing that it was these people, Liu Ruyan’s face turned incomparably ugly!

Because she knew that Kai had a problem with the Flying Heaven Clan, and that Ji Yun had been beaten up by Kai when he was in Jialing County, so he must be harbouring a grudge!

“Miss Liu, you know these people?”

Wajang asked!

Liu Ruyan nodded, then looked at Kai who was still cultivating and said with a very ugly face “Wajang, it looks like we’re in trouble today.”

“These people are from the Feitian Sect, that young man is called Ji Yun, he’s the son of the Feitian Sect, a seventh level of the Combined Body realm, you and I are no match!”

“Even this formation can’t stop them at all ……”

Hearing Liu Ruyan say so, Wajang’s face also became incomparably grave!

And at this time, Ji Yun had already brought his men to the front, and when he saw Kai and Liu Ruyan, he burst out laughing!

“What a narrow escape, I’ve been looking for you guys for many days, but I never thought I’d run into you here ……”

Ji Yun was full of excitement!

“My lord, that fellow has the Ice Soul Fragment in his hand.”

The cultivator who had just left said as he pointed at Kai!

Ji Yun looked and found that Kai did have an Ice Soul fragment in his hand, only it wasn’t much bigger!

“Bastard, didn’t you say you saw that the Ice Spirit Fragment was very big? This isn’t much bigger?”

Ji Yun asked at the cultivator!

“My lord, it really wasn’t that big just now, it was probably absorbed by this fellow and there was still this point left.”

The cultivator hurriedly explained!

“My lord, whether there is an Ice Soul Fragment or not, being able to encounter this fellow is not a waste for us to come all the way here, just in time for revenge.”

Shi Tieqiao said to Ji Yun!

“Elder Shi is right, this kid dared to beat me up back in Jialing County, today I’ll play him to death.”

“And this little b*tch by his side, I’m going to have a good time later too ……”

Ji Yun looked at Liu Ruyan with a shining light in his eyes!

“My lord, a few of them are protected by formations around them, just now my subordinate couldn’t break through the formations, that’s why I went to you guys.”

The cultivator said!

“Hmph, a mere formation, what can it do to me, a bunch of small cultivators who have just entered the Harmony Realm, even if they can set up formations, they are not that powerful.”

Ji Yun despised Kai and the others, so he said to Shi Tieqiao, “Elder Shi, you go and break the formation ……”

Shi Tieqiao nodded, then took two steps forward and a fierce aura instantly erupted from his body!

When this aura erupted, the formation set up by Kai instantly activated, and a curtain of light wrapped Kai and the others tightly!

Looking at the formation in front of him, Shi Tieqiao let out an explosive cry and slapped out with a palm!

The wind howled and snowflakes flew …………

But just as Shi Tieqiao’s breath struck the formation, a huge recoil hit him and Shi Tieqiao was caught off guard and his body was instantly knocked out!

When Shi Tieqiao stood up, his face became very ugly!

“What a powerful array, where did this kid get such a powerful array plate? It should have cost a lot of money.”

Shi Tieqiao had thought that such a powerful formation must have been a formation disk that Kai and the others had spent money on!

After all, with Kai and the others’ realm strength, there was no way they could have laid such a powerful formation!

“Humph, useless thing!” Ji Yun snorted coldly, then stepped forward and gently pressed one hand on top of the formation!

A burst of spiritual energy instantly erupted, and the formation shattered in an instant, disappearing without a trace!

Seeing that Ji Yun had broken the formation so easily, Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan’s faces changed and they hurriedly took two steps backwards to guard in front of Kai.


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