A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2890

The originally wordless Heavenly Book, which was devoid of a single word, began to slowly appear with golden writing!

The Da Luo Golden Canon?

On the Wordless Heavenly Book, four large gilt characters were dazzling!

And like a mountain, the Wordless Heavenly Book was suspended in the sky above Kai’s consciousness, giving people a sense of oppression!

Around the large gilt characters, a mysterious pattern crisscrossed, seemingly like a spell formation, but Kai could not read it at all!

“What the …… hell is this?”

Ochre Yan looked at the Great Golden Canon in front of him, his face full of shock!

“I don’t know either!” Kai shook his head!

Kai didn’t know that this wordless Heavenly Book, which originally didn’t have a single word, had actually appeared to have words after absorbing the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment!

What exactly is recorded in it?

Heavenly feats? Mysteries of immortal arts? Or was it the Origin of Heaven and Earth?

Kai did not know what was recorded inside, but Kai knew that it must be something good.

“Mr. Chen, won’t you know what is recorded inside if you open it and take a look?”

Ochre Yan said!

Kai nodded, then tried to flip that Great Golden Canon, but found that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t flip it at all!

It was as if that Da Luo Golden Canon was firmly attached!

“This ………… can’t be opened?”

Kai was astonished.

“Mr. Chen, perhaps it is because you are not strong enough to open it now? After all, what is written inside this book is definitely something beyond our imagination.”

“If it were some immortal divine arts, there would be no way for you to cultivate them with this current strength!”

Ochre Yan explained!

When Kai heard that, it made sense, if it was really some immortal spells from the Heavenly Realm inside, there was no way for Kai to cultivate them either!

But Kai could be certain that this Great Luo Golden Code was definitely an item from the Celestial Realm!

All this time, this Da Luo Golden Code was a wordless heavenly book, except for being able to probe some information about the items, chances are it had no other use!
> But now that it has absorbed the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment, the script has appeared, which should be the original appearance of the Wordless Heavenly Book!

And this ice spirit fragment was also dropped from the heavenly realm, and the energy contained within it is likely to be immortal qi!

So this Da Luo Golden Canon needs to absorb immortal Qi to recover, which would prove that this Da Luo Golden Canon is also something from the Heavenly Realm!

But how such a heavenly item could be in Mr. Shi’s possession is unknown!

Or perhaps Mr. Shi didn’t even know that this Wordless Heavenly Book was actually a Da Luo Golden Canon!

“Mr. Chen, you don’t have many Ice Soul Fragments left, so you’d better absorb them quickly, these Ice Soul Fragments should also allow you to break through to the Third Grade Realm of the Harmonious Body Realm.”

Kai nodded, and then began to absorb it frantically!

This time the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment was swarming towards Kai’s dantian!

“Pfft …………”

Just as Kai was frantically absorbing the energy of the Ice Soul Fragment, Wajang’s arm was slashed by a sword and his entire body rolled to the side!

Tile Vat, who had just risen to the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, was still no match for this fifth rank of the Harmony Realm cultivator after all!

“Wajang …………”

When Liu Ruyan saw that Tile Jar was injured, she couldn’t help but turn pale!

Tile jar, on the other hand, took the opportunity to rush back into the formation!

While the cultivator was chasing after him, Tile jar had already entered the formation and could only stare in disbelief in the face of the ice spirit fragments that were close at hand, without the slightest recourse!

Liu Ruyan was treating the wounds of the tank, as a medicine master, Liu Ruyan was able to treat this wound of the tank!

“You guys wait, although I can’t break this formation, but our gongzi can definitely ……”

The cultivator said barring that, his body leapt up and soon disappeared!

Seeing that cultivator leave, Wajang and Liu Ruyan all breathed a sigh of relief!

It was only obvious that the other party had gone to shout for someone, and if they shouted for a few cultivators of high strength, then the formation would not be able to protect them!

Now Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan could only pray that Kai would break through soon!


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