A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2889

“Mr. Chen, what is this book in your sea of consciousness? How come it doesn’t have a single word, yet it draws energy so frantically?”

Ochre Yan asked in confusion!

Kai did not say anything, but his pupils shrank as he gazed at the Wordless Heavenly Book, only to see that the Wordless Heavenly Book was like a whirlpool that kept swallowing everything!

Seeing that Kai did not say anything, Ochre Yan said again, “Mr. Chen, why don’t you quickly throw this book away from the sea of consciousness, if you continue like this, all the energy will be sucked away by it.”

“Let it suck ……”

Kai gazed at the Wordless Heavenly Book and didn’t try to stop it!

The energy within the Ice Soul Fragment was still frantically pouring in towards Kai’s body, but Kai’s body didn’t change in the slightest!

This made Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan both frown!

The amount of resources needed to raise Kai by one small realm was too outrageous!

Moreover, around Kai, the unique energy aura of the Ice Soul Fragment had already begun to form a huge vortex that reached halfway into the air!

If this continued, soon this place would be discovered by other cultivators!

Although there was a spell formation laid by Kai that a fifth-ranked cultivator of the Combined Body realm couldn’t break, what if the cultivator who came was of a higher realm?

Wajang and Liu Ruyan were on full alert, hoping that Kai would break through and wake up sooner!

Just as the two of them were on alert, a figure came from afar and quickly swept in!

When he saw the fragment of ice spirit in front of him, a greedy gaze appeared in his eyes!

This cultivator didn’t even look at the tile jar or Liu Ruyan, and rushed straight towards Kai!

But just a few steps forward, the spell formation activated and the cultivator was instantly shaken away!

“There’s even a spell formation?”

The cultivator was slightly stunned, then he looked at Tile Tank and Liu Ruyan and said “You two little cultivators, quickly close the spell formation, or else I will forcefully break the formation and kill you two ……”

“Hmph, big talker, you’re just a fifth grade of the Harmony Realm, and you dare to say such big words!”

Wajang was now at the fourth rank of the Harmony Realm, there was only a small realm difference, so he wasn’t afraid of this cultivator in front of him!

After all, there was still a spell formation to fall back on, so there was even less to fear!

“Kid, you’re crazy, come out and let’s fight if you have the guts, hiding inside a spell formation, what are you capable of?”

The cultivator said with a mocking face!

“Damn, a fight is a fight, I can still be afraid of you ……”

Wajang said, and was about to rush out!

“Wajang, don’t be impulsive ……” Liu Ruyan stopped Wajang!

“Miss Liu, we don’t need to be afraid of him, if I can’t beat him, I can totally come in the spell formation before I get in!”

Tile jar finished speaking and leapt out of the spell formation with one leap!

When the cultivator saw that Vaalgar had come out, he didn’t say anything and stabbed his sword at Vaalgar!

He didn’t panic at all, his fists whistled and a strong wind surrounded his body, forming a barrier like an armour!

Even when he fought with this fifth-ranked cultivator, he didn’t lose even after a dozen moves!

Liu Ruyan watched the two fight, but was a little anxious, looking at Kai who was sitting on his knees, motionless, silently praying “Breakthrough quickly, wake up quickly.”

Liu Ruyan did not understand what had happened to Kai!

At this moment, Kai was in the sea of consciousness, quietly watching the Wordless Heavenly Book absorbing energy, the size of the Ice Soul Fragment was rapidly decreasing, but the Wordless Heavenly Book seemed to be a bottomless pit, there was no moment to finish absorbing!

Now Kai was getting a bit agitated, he didn’t expect the Wordless Heavenly Book to be so absorbent!

The energy of such a large Ice Soul Fragment was almost absorbed!

Just when Kai was at a loss as to whether to cut off the energy of the Wordless Heavenly Book, the Wordless Heavenly Book finally stopped absorbing!


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