A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2888

If he could resist this thunderclap, his strength and physical body would be greatly enhanced, but if he couldn’t resist this thunderclap, then he would be in fear of losing his life!

At last, the thundercloud was a small one, producing only one thundercloud!

If it had been like Kai’s, which produced seven or eight thunderclaps, the tile jar’s body would probably not have been able to withstand it and would have been destroyed!

After the thunderclap had passed, the thundercloud disappeared and Tile Jar slowly opened his eyes, his eyes filled with excitement!

“I’ve broken through, I’ve broken through to the fourth grade of the Harmony Realm.”

Wajang shouted happily, and cast a grateful glance at Kai!

If Kai hadn’t let him absorb the energy within this Ice Soul Fragment, Wajang wouldn’t have broken through so quickly, and it would have been impossible to generate the thundercloud!

“Mr. Chen, thank you so much ……”

Tile tank said excitedly!

“What’s the point of thanking me, getting this Ice Soul Fragment has itself been credited to you.”

Kai smiled lightly, then looked at Liu Ruyan and said “Ruyan, do you want to absorb it as well, to break through your strength?”

“I don’t need it, it’s fine with you protecting me, I’ll leave it for you to use.”

Liu Ruyan said with a smile on her face!

In Liu Ruyan’s opinion, it didn’t matter if she had strength or not, what mattered was just having Kai around!

What’s more, during this period of time, Liu Ruyan also felt that her strength was growing rapidly as she followed Kai around!

The current Liu Ruyan had long since broken through the Transformation Realm and reached the Harmony Realm!

“Alright, mine is yours anyway.”

Kai smiled lightly and then said, “I will start absorbing now, a formation has been laid down here, and it will be difficult for a fifth ranked cultivator of the Harmonization Realm to break through it, so you two will protect me for now.”

“Mr. Chen, don’t worry, if anyone dares to disturb Mr. Chen, I’ll be the first to say no.”

Wajang waved his fist, reaching the fourth rank of the Combined Body realm, he was full of confidence within!

Kai nodded, then sat down on his knees, one hand gently pressing on that Ice Soul Fragment, and began to absorb the energy within!

Now that Kai had reached the peak of the second rank of the Harmonious Body Realm, he could break through to the third rank of the Harmonious Body Realm with a little absorption of resources!

With such a large Ice Soul Fragment, it might even be able to break through to the third rank of the Harmony Realm!

Kai’s heart was filled with anticipation as the Heart Condensation Skill within his body continued to activate!

A large amount of energy entered Kai’s body from the Ice Soul Fragment!

I don’t know how long it took, but Kai still had no sign of breaking through, while the Ice Soul Fragment was already shrinking to the naked eye!

“The amount of energy required for Mr. Chen to break through a small realm is outrageous, isn’t it?”

The tile jar was astonished!

“The fact that he is now able to fight beyond his level also proves that for every realm he raises, he must require a lot more resources than others.”

Liu Ruyan said!

Wajang nodded, Kai, a second ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, could easily kill a fifth ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, this kind of fighting across several realms, that must mean that Kai’s strength had to increase several times more than others for every realm he advanced!

And these increases in strength also required more resources to maintain, so it was reasonable for Kai to need more resources to raise one realm!

At this moment, when Kai saw that he had failed to make a breakthrough for a long time, his heart was also anxious!

A large amount of energy entered his body, but it did not enter Kai’s dantian, but was instantly sucked away by an inexplicable suction force.

Kai’s divine sense sank into his body and began to follow the inexplicable suction force to find it!

He wanted to see what was inside his body that could absorb away this energy!

“Ochre Amazing, could it be that you are secretly sucking the energy out of my body?”

Kai said with a slight frown!

“Mr. Chen, injustice, how can I have the ability to absorb the energy inside you, it’s a book, I don’t know what it is either.”

Ochre Yan shouted unjustly!

“A book?” Kai suddenly remembered the Wordless Heavenly Book in his own sea of consciousness!

After accompanying Kai’s God into his sea of consciousness, he indeed saw the Wordless Heavenly Book shining brightly, and the energy that entered from that Ice Soul Fragment was all absorbed by the Wordless Heavenly Book!


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