A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2884

“Big brother, second brother, run …………”

San Jie yelled, before the three of them once again flashed their forms in different directions!

The ice bear monster slapped a palm at San Jie, but only at the last moment, San Jie weaved through the void and pulled away!

With a hiss of strength, the ice bear leapt, its huge body leaping a hundred metres, and then slammed down heavily on San Jie!

Three Jie tried his best to use time travel, but there was no way to get out of the Ice Bear Monster’s range of attack!

“Second Brother, catch it …………”

San Jie fought and threw the ice shard directly at Er Jie!

The moment the Ice Soul Fragment was thrown, the Ice Bear Monster’s huge body had already landed, and then slapped the Three Jie’s body with a palm!

The difference in strength allowed the Ice Bear Monster to slap the Three Jie into mush with a single slap!

“Third Brother …………”

Seeing this, Big Jie and Second Jie shouted in grief!

Seeing this, Kai also frowned, an unspeakably ugly expression on his face!

That ice bear monster, after killing the third jie with a slap, immediately came after him towards the second jie!

It looked like it was bound to stop that ice spirit fragment!

“Second Brother, run quickly …………”

Big Jie shouted.

Not caring about their grief, the two men once again began to use time travel to escape!

But that Ice Bear Monster was as fast as lightning, and before that Second Jie could escape out of the canyon with the Ice Soul Fragment, the Ice Bear Monster had already caught up behind him!

Seeing this, Second Jie knew that he couldn’t escape, so he struggled to throw the Ice Spirit Fragment to Big Jie!

“Big Brother, you have to go …………”

After throwing the ice spirit shard to Big Jie, Er Jie resolutely turned around to meet the ice bear monster!

Only to see Er Jie’s body begin to bulge and finally let out a deafening sound!

Second Jie blew himself up!

In order to stall the ice bear monster and buy Big Jai time to escape, Er Jie chose to blow himself up!

“Second Brother ……”

Big Jai was in tears, but he took the ice spirit shard and ran towards the canyon beyond, gritting his teeth!

Big Jie escaped to the mouth of the canyon with the ice spirit shard, but the ice bear monster was still in hot pursuit!

Seeing this, Kai leapt up and whipped out a sword blade in his hand!

At the same time as he waved his sword, Kai was holding his fingers, and a charm was suspended in mid-air!

After Kai’s body exited the mouth of the valley, the incantations instantly exploded violently!

On both sides of the canyon, debris was directly blown up, instantly piling up the mouth of the valley, stirring up snowflakes and smoke cities that covered the sky.

“Let’s go …………”

Kai pulled a hand on Big Jay, the two people simply could not afford any communication, instantly flashing his form and disappearing!

The two did not know how long they had been running, until their divine sense could not sense any danger, then they stopped, panting heavily!

This stop had drained Kai’s spiritual energy so much that Kai had pulled out almost all of his means!

Da Jie, on the other hand, held the Ice Soul Fragment in his hand and handed it to Kai, his face full of sorrow!

Kai took the Ice Soul Fragment and gently patted Da Jie’s shoulder as a wisp of his life-spirit returned to Da Jie’s body!

“I’m sorry …………”

Kai felt a little guilty, if he hadn’t insisted on taking this Ice Soul Fragment, perhaps two of the three monstrous thieves wouldn’t have died!

Big Jie bowed his head in silence, still lost in grief!

Looking at Big Jay, Kai was also sad, but he didn’t know how to persuade him!

He had originally planned to give it to Su Yuqi, but now he decided to give it to Da Jie!

Although all the demonic beasts sealed inside the Eight Heavenly Desolation Ruler had died in battle, the Ruler itself was still a divine weapon!

Kai handed the ruler to Da Jie and said, “The road ahead will be even more difficult, your strength will only be more dangerous if you follow me.”

“I don’t have anything to give you, this Eight Qian Desolate Ruler is also considered a divine weapon, so I’ll give it to you.”

Immediately afterwards, Kai told Da Jie how to use the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler!


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