A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2883

At that moment, countless demonic beasts had already reached Kai, who swung his sword out again, sword qi carrying to fire and exploding in mid-air!

Soon a sea of fire rose throughout the canyon and many demonic beasts were engulfed in it!

But the ice bear monster still commanded the demonic beasts to pounce towards Kai, regardless of casualties!

Kai’s body, on the other hand, was retreating backwards!

All the demonic beasts were attracted to Kai, and a terrifying aura kept swarming towards him!

Kai was slashing at the demonic beasts as he fled, but the Ice Bear Monster at the peak of the Harmony Realm was guarding the ice shard to death, not moving a muscle!

This made even the three brothers of the monstrous bandits unable to make a move!

Seeing this, Kai knew that he had to attract that Ice Bear Monster to him!

“Nine Shadows Sword Technique ……”

With the use of Kai’s Nine Shadows Sword Technique, six identical Kai’s appeared, and the six Kai’s began to slash towards the demonic beast!

At the same time, Kai also took out that Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, originally he had planned to give it to Su Yuqi, but now he had to use it!

With so many demonic beasts, it would be difficult for Kai to withstand them on his own!

With the emerald green gems on the Eight Desolate Thousand Rulers flashing, all the demonic beasts within the Eight Desolate Thousand Rulers were released!

These demonic beasts were fierce and vicious, but in terms of strength, there was still a difference between them and the demonic beasts within the canyon!

But Kai couldn’t care less right now, he had to use all his tricks to attract the Ice Bear Monster at the peak of the Harmony Realm to come after him!

Although Kai used the Nine Shadows Sword Technique and the Eight Desolate Thousand Rulers, the Ice Bear Monster was still indifferent, watching the demon beasts under him die, but he did not move at all!

Seeing this, Kai panicked, if this Ice Bear Monster didn’t move, then his plan would be foiled.

“Damn it, if I had the God King’s Bow around, I would have shot you all to death ……”

Kai cursed angrily, but his hands did not dare to stop in the slightest.

After a few moments of killing each other, Kai was helpless and the dragon crystal in front of his chest began to flash continuously.

A golden dragon slowly appeared from behind Kai’s back, accompanied by a hissing of the Dragon Cutting Sword!

The golden dragon stepped on its feet to the fire, and with its eyes wide open, it let out a majestic dragon roar!

With this dragon roar, it resounded throughout the entire canyon!

At this moment, all those demonic beasts that had been swarming to attack suddenly froze, shocked by the aura of this golden dragon!

Looking at the golden dragon in front of them, those demonic beasts retreated instead of advancing, and retreated backwards step by step with fear on their faces!

The ice bear monster, which was originally motionless, let out a hiss when it saw this scene!

Then it leapt up and came straight at Kai!

Seeing the Ice Bear Monster move, Kai’s body hurriedly retreated and then used his doppelganger to block the Ice Bear Monster’s footsteps!

Seeing the Ice Bear Monster attack, the frightened and retreating demonic beasts once again roared and launched an onslaught!

“Make a move …………”

Kai roared, his main body flew back, then commanded the Golden Dragon to instantly charge into the mass of demonic beasts!

Kai’s cry of make a move was addressed to the three brothers of the Monstrous Bandits!

Just as Kai was following those demonic beasts in a tangle, the Three Monstrous Bandit Brothers also moved!

Only to see the three of them flicker from different directions, their bodies flickering away and then reappearing immediately afterwards, each flicker bringing them a little closer to that Ice Bear Fragment!

The ice bear monster seemed to sense someone approaching the ice shard, and turned its head violently to see that there were three men, approaching the ice shard from different directions, and roared back to protect it!

Kai wanted to stop this Ice Bear Monster, but too many demonic beasts were pestering him, making it impossible for him to get out of the way!

Now Kai could only pray that the three monstrous thieves were fast enough to get to the ice shard before the ice bear monster!

As the Ice Bear Monster was about to rush into sight, the third of the Three Monstrous Thieves took the lead in getting the Ice Soul Fragment!


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