A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2882

Kai glanced at the three monstrous thieves, and the three understood, their bodies leaping up and all hiding!

And Liu Ruyan and Wajang, holding their weapons, stood in the middle of the formation, looking at the countless demonic beasts rushing in, incomparably nervous inside!

“Kill …………”

Just as the demonic beasts were approaching, Liu Ruyan let out a loud shout, followed by a strong wind from both palms, which was wrapped in countless wind blades, instantly killing all the demonic beasts rushing in front of them!

The two fists swung forward with a fury, and two fist winds, visible to the naked eye, roared out like two cannonballs, hitting those demonic beasts fiercely, directly sending two of them flying!

Although the strength of these demonic beasts is not high, but the number is large, even if Liu Ruyan and tile tank instantly kill several, but for the huge number of demonic beasts, it is simply a hairy rain!

These demonic beasts still hissed and charged!

“Let’s go ……”

Liu Ruyan said as her body leapt up and fled into the distance!

Tile jar also followed at the first opportunity, while around them, along with the two people’s strange movements, the talisman printed on their bodies began to emit light, that formation followed the two people, moving together!

Those demonic beasts were in hot pursuit behind them, and the originally calm canyon was like a flood that kept gushing outwards!

Kai and the Three Monstrous Thieves, who were in hiding, looked at the demonic beasts that kept gushing out of the canyon and felt their skulls tingle!

It took a full ten minutes before the demonic beasts inside the canyon slowly became fewer and fewer, and finally no more demonic beasts came out of the canyon!

Seeing this scene, Kai knew that his chance had come, so he took the three monstrous thieves with him and entered the canyon directly!

At this moment, the canyon was incomparably quiet, as if all the demonic beasts had left!

But Kai knew that there must still be demonic beasts in this canyon, and they were all highly powerful ones!

“You three should be careful and take over to get the Ice Soul Fragment, remember, once you get it, run outwards immediately and don’t mind anyone!”

Kai said to the three monstrous thieves!

The three nodded, and then their bodies unexpectedly slowly became transparent, and they actually started to become invisible!

For his part, Kai took out his Dragon Chopper Sword, his Unbreakable Golden Body activated, and the power of the three clans within his body, as well as the dragon crystal, all flickered with light!

Kai knew that he could not be careless this time, or he would be buried here!

Just as Kai was going deeper and deeper into the canyon, there was a roar, followed by the ice bear monster at the peak of the Harmonious Body Realm roaring towards Kai!

Behind the ice bear monster, there were hundreds of demonic beasts, all of which had powerful auras and were at least at the fifth rank of the Harmony Realm!

Kai’s scalp instantly tingled as he faced so many demonic beasts of great strength!

But things had come to this, Kai would not give up so easily!

“Burn …………”

Kai pointed his fingers towards the Dragon Cutting Sword, and a supreme fire began to burn on top of it!

Kai knew that these demonic beasts were generally afraid of flames, and the Supreme Fire in his hand was the best means to suppress these demonic beasts.

Sure enough, when it saw the burning Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand, the Ice Bear Monster had a look of panic in its eyes!

It seemed to have sensed the power of the fire on Kai’s Dragon Slashing Sword!

But the Ice Bear Monster did not retreat, instead it roared, and the canyon was suddenly shaken to the ground as ice cones fell from the sky and smashed towards Kai!

Just as these ice cones smashed into Kai, the Ice Bear Monster commanded hundreds of demonic beasts to come charging towards Kai together as well!

And the ice bear monster was sitting behind and commanding, as if he wanted to see how strong Kai was!

As Kai looked at the ice cones falling above his head, he waved his Zeng Long Sword upwards in his hand, and a roaring flame flew up into the sky.

Those ice cones touched the Supreme Fire and were instantly melted and evaporated.


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