A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2881

Under those ice and snow covers, countless corpses were submerged, this should be those people who entered the canyon as mentioned by the tile jar, these people did not get out, all of them turned into ghastly white bones in the middle of this death canyon!

After exploring the canyon with his divine sense, Kai seemed to have thought of something, so he led the crowd backwards through the mouth of the valley!

“Kai, aren’t you going to get that Ice Soul Fragment?”

Liu Ruyan saw that Kai had actually retreated from the mouth of the valley, so she asked in confusion!

“Of course I’m going to take it, only that I have to first attract some of the demonic beasts within the canyon, the less demonic beasts there are in the canyon, the greater the chances of getting the Ice Soul Fragment.”

Kai said, his hands began to choke out a spell, and a formation slowly appeared in the void, finally landing directly on top of the snow!

This formation looked incredibly complex, and the shapes carved out were also a thousand and one!

But looking at the complexity of this formation, one could tell that it must be an advanced formation!

“Mr. Chen, are you planning to use this formation to trap those demonic beasts?”

Wajang asked in disbelief!

Although this formation was also large, it would be almost impossible to trap hundreds or thousands of demonic beasts!

“This formation isn’t for trapping demonic beasts, but for attracting them.”

When Kai finished speaking, he flicked his finger, and a golden light instantly concealed itself into the formation, which began to emit light, followed by a dense aura floating towards the canyon!

Kai then once again cast his magic spell, imprinting a charm spell on Tile Jar and Liu Ruyan and the rest of them!

“There will definitely be a large number of demonic beasts being attracted out later, you only need to stand in the formation and kill those demonic beasts, but remember, don’t step out of this formation!”

“Also you guys should fight and retreat, you have marks on you, that formation will also move with you and attract those demonic beasts.”

“Once the demonic beasts are attracted far enough away, I will enter the canyon to get the Ice Soul Fragment.” >
“The Three Monstrous Thieves will follow me into the canyon, and when the time comes, you three brothers will have to use your spatial shuttle techniques to get the Ice Soul Fragment as quickly as possible.”

Kai carefully laid everything out!

Kai knew that after he entered the canyon, he would definitely not be able to avoid killing each other, and that Ice Bear Monster at the peak of the Harmony Realm would also be the first to target himself!

All Kai needed was to attract the attention of those demonic beasts, and then use the Space Shuttle Technique of the Three Monstrous Thieves to quickly approach the Ice Bear Fragment and escape at once!

To put it in perspective, Liu Ruyan and the tile jar would attract some of the demonic beasts, Kai would enter the canyon and attract some of them, and the one who would really take the Ice Shard would be the Three Monstrous Thieves, after all, stealing was their forte!

As soon as the Three Monstrous Thieves heard this, they hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chen, stealing is our strong point, no one can beat us!”

Kai smiled and nodded, the reason why he wanted to try was because with the Three Monstrous Thieves around, the three of them could be surprised by their space travel skills!

“Ru Yan, Tile Tank, you two should be safe, you just need to lure the demonic beasts away, the further the better, with the formation protection, those demonic beasts shouldn’t be able to hurt you.”

“And the demonic beasts that can be attracted to the formation are all relatively weak, so you guys shouldn’t be nervous either.”

Kai comforted Liu Ruyan and Tile Jar!

The two nodded, then Liu Ruyan looked at Kai and said “Kai, you have to be careful, if you really can’t get it, then we won’t take it, save your life, I can’t live without you ……”

Liu Ruyan’s eyes were full of worry, she couldn’t leave Kai now, especially at night …………

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”

Kai smiled faintly!

But just as Kai’s words fell, along with a hiss, the earth began to tremble and countless demonic beasts began to run outwards from the canyon!

These demonic beasts were heading straight for the formation, in the eyes of these demonic beasts, this formation was like a treasure that could give them resources for cultivation!


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