A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2880

Kai saw that the canyon was densely packed with demonic beasts, all of which had one characteristic, namely snow-white fur, lying down in the snow, making them hard to spot!

These demonic beasts did not notice Kai, and each one seemed to be lazily sleeping. Along with Kai going deeper into the canyon, suddenly a head-sized stone in the middle of the canyon caught his attention!

He saw that the stone was surrounded by mist, and there were several demonic beasts that were feeding on the stone!

Kai lowered his body and took a closer look, and his eyes lit up with light!

This was not a stone at all, but a fragment of ice spirit, such a big piece of ice spirit fragment, I wonder how much energy it contains!

Kai’s breath began to catch, he couldn’t wait to rush down and pick up that ice spirit fragment right away!

No wonder there were so many demonic beasts in this canyon, it turned out that these demonic beasts were all relying on the energy of the ice spirit fragment for food.

Kai watched carefully for a while, trying hard to restrain the excitement in his heart, and then slowly retreated back!

Although Kai had been very careful and had concealed his scent, he was still spotted by a five-metre tall ice bear monster!

This ice bear monster looked like the leader of these demonic beasts, and was at the peak of the Harmonious Body realm, with his eyes fixed on the direction where Kai had disappeared!

Although the ice bear monster was still in the body of a demonic beast and hadn’t taken human form, its eyes were glowing with wisdom!

Kai did not dare to use his divine sense to probe, so he did not discover that there were still demonic beasts at the peak of the Combined Body realm in this canyon.

“Mr. Chen, how is it?”

Seeing Kai return, Wajang hurriedly asked!

“In this canyon, it turns out that there are ice spirit fragments, and they are not small in size, no wonder these demonic beasts are gathering in this canyon!”

Kai said with a look of excitement!

“Mr. Chen, even if there is an Ice Soul Fragment, but with so many demonic beasts guarding it, there is no way for us to get it!”

“And maybe there are even stronger demonic beasts in here, I think it’s better for us to take a detour to find the treasure!”

Wajang suggested!

But at this moment, Kai’s heart itched, such a big ice spirit fragment, if we didn’t get it, it would be a waste!

“If I don’t try and just leave like this, I’m afraid I’ll regret it.”

Kai said indifferently!

“Mr. Chen, you must not be impulsive, although I know you are very strong, but there are hundreds and thousands of demonic beasts in here, and I don’t know if there are any demonic beasts above the Combined Body realm, if we piss off these demonic beasts, no one will be able to escape.”

Wajang saw that Kai actually wanted to try, so he hurriedly said!

This is no joke, try it if you want to, it’s a game of life!

“Don’t worry, even if we try, we have to be prepared for anything, even if we can’t get that Ice Soul Fragment, we can’t risk our lives!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Seeing that Kai was adamant about trying, the tile jar said nothing more!

After a moment of contemplation, Kai spread out his divine sense and headed towards the canyon!

Kai knew that stealing the Ice Pillar Fragment was out of the question, so he was not afraid of disturbing the demonic beasts with his divine sense!

As Kai’s divine sense spread, the demonic beasts began to stir and roar!

And under Kai’s divine sense, the ice bear monster at the peak of the Harmony Realm was instantly discovered by Kai. When Kai discovered the ice bear monster at the peak of the Harmony Realm, his heart couldn’t help but sink!

It seemed that these demonic beasts were really strong, but Kai would not give up now that it had come to this!

So Kai’s divine sense continued to spread out, and the whole canyon became clearer for Kai to see!


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