A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2878

When he heard Kai’s words, the patriarch laughed and said, “It’s not that simple, even if this Demon Whip is an immortal weapon that fell from the Heavenly Realm, it’s a weapon after all, and it’s the person who uses it that can really exert its power.”

“If the strength realm is comparable, with the Demon Whip around, one can easily crush those demon cultivators!”

“But if the difference in strength is too great, even with the Demon Whip in place, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to escape the hands of the demon cultivators.”

As Kai listened, he felt that the Patriarch had a point, any powerful weapon also depended on the person using it, if a Harmonisation Realm cultivator wanted to use the Demon Whip to deal with a peak Harmonisation Realm demon cultivator, that was obviously impossible!

“Clan Chief, I still have one more thing I don’t understand, I wonder if you can answer it?”

Kai said!

“Ask away ……” The clan chief nodded!

I want to know, what is the identity of the county princess of Jialing and why does she have the other half of the jade medal?”

Hearing Kai say this, the patriarch suddenly fell silent, and only after a long day did he slowly speak “This is something that you should ask the Jia Ling County princess herself if you have the chance, I have no way to tell you.”

“You have walked for so long, you are tired, rest well, tomorrow I will let Wajang accompany you to find the treasure, after all, he is very familiar with this area.”

After saying that, the patriarch was about to leave, and Kai looked at the patriarch that way, it was obvious that he knew the identity of the county princess of Jialing County, he just didn’t want to say it!

Since the patriarch was unwilling to say, Kai couldn’t afford to ask!

“Clan Chief, I heard from the tile jar that the Gao Family has been eyeing your Ancient Body Refining Clan, if I am lucky enough to find the real treasure this time, I will find a way to help you get rid of the Gao Family as a danger.”

Since he had received a benefit from someone, Kai had to do something for the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

As the saying goes, you don’t get what you deserve, and Kai was not willing to take away the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s treasure for nothing!

But who knows, after hearing these words, the patriarch turned to look at Kai and said with a helpless face, “In this Extreme North, I know that what is scary is not the Gao family, but those demonic cultivators ……”

“Demon cultivators?” Kai was stunned “Could it be that there are still demon races in this extreme north?”

“Could it be that this Land of the Far North is not the place where the Demon Race should exist the most?”

The Patriarch asked rhetorically!

At this moment, Kai did not speak.

This Land of the Far North, with its sparse population and harsh environment, was just right for those demon cultivators who were being hunted down and killed like rats in the streets to live!

At the very least, living here, one could avoid a lot of danger and trouble!

Looking at the patriarch who had left, Kai realised that this Celestial Realm was far more complicated than he had imagined!

Even this land in the extreme north was not as peaceful as he had seen it!

Kai walked out of the tent, Liu Ruyan and the girls were waiting for Kai outside!

“Kai, the clan chief has arranged a place for us to stay and let us rest for now, let’s go ……”

Liu Ruyan said to Kai!

Kai nodded and followed Liu Ruyan into one of the tents, and the three brothers of the strange bandits were resting in another tent!

In the middle of the night, hundreds of miles away from the Ancient Body Refining Clan, there was always a flash of light.

And it was accompanied by a roar that could be heard from such a distance!

As Kai lay inside his tent, he knew that this was the light and sound from someone fighting.

There was no telling how many cultivators had flooded into the entire Northern Lands in search of treasures, and if word of the Ice Soul Fragment spread, there would be even more cultivators coming to the Northern Lands!

At that time, the land of the Far North will be in chaos, and when those demon cultivators see so many cultivators coming to the Land of the Far North, they will not dare to act recklessly and hide away!

It looks like the Patriarch’s method isn’t just targeting the Gao Clan, those demon cultivators are truly the most terrifying enemy!

After all, the ancestors of the Ancient Body Refining Clan had slaughtered and enslaved so many demon cultivators in the past, these demon cultivators would definitely retaliate!


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