A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2877

“Patriarch, what about the treasure key? Was it also deliberately spread out? It’s amazing that many people now have the exact same jade token as mine in their hands!”

“Could it be that everyone else’s keys are fake?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

If the treasure map was deliberately spread out, what about the treasure keys?

Or maybe those keys were all fakes?

“True is also false to come, false is also true, the entire Extreme North Land has many treasures of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, and those treasures also need keys!”

“Except that among these treasures, some are just empty caves, some are traps, while some only have some worthless treasures!”

“There is only one real treasure, and these are hidden among other treasures, so the treasure keys those people got are not fake either.”

“Only, where this real treasure is, I don’t know ……”

The Patriarch followed Kai and explained!

This time, Kai was even more confused, so there was more than one treasure, so many treasures, I don’t know if they are real or fake, this is how to find out that real treasure?

“Clan chief, I heard from the tile jar that your ancestor’s treasure was excavated using demonic cultivators, and eventually killed all those demonic cultivators, I want to know, why did those demonic cultivators obey your words?”

Kai had been curious for a long time, reasonably speaking, the Ancient Body Refining Clan could not be too strong, because the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s gong method predestined them to be slow in cultivation!

And those demon cultivators should be no worse than the Ancient Body Refining Clan in terms of strength, yet why would they allow the Ancient Body Refining Clan to drive them around without resisting?

The chief of the clan smiled slightly when he heard this, and then looked at Tile Tank and the others and said, “You all go out ……”

The tent was only for the first time!

Soon, only Kai and the patriarch were left inside the tent!

At this time, the patriarch took out a whip from a box, this whip was golden in colour, and there were faint characters flowing on it, and a peaceful power was constantly diffusing from it!

At a glance, Kai could see that the whip was enchanted with a formation, and the power emanating from it was also very different from ordinary weapons!

“This is called the Demon Whip, with this whip, when it strikes a Demon, it can not only make the Demon feel pain, but can even injure the Demon’s soul!

Moreover, the peaceful power on this Demon Whip is also a supreme treasure to suppress the demon’s breath, and it is with this Demon Whip that our Ancient Body Refining Clan is able to drive those demon cultivators.

It was rumoured to have fallen from the Heavenly Realm together with the Ice Spirit, but no one knew whether it was true or not.”

The Patriarch explained to Kai, while Kai looked at that Devil Pumping Whip with a few shrewdness in his eyes!

A weapon capable of suppressing the devil race, this was priceless!

“Clan Chief, can you let me see this Demon Whip?”

Kai asked cautiously!

After all, it was so precious that it was considered normal for the clan chief to not show it to himself even if he didn’t!

“Of course you can ……”

The Patriarch directly handed that Demon Whip to Kai!

Kai took the Demon Whip and a divine sense instantly spread out towards the inside of the Demon Whip!

Soon, Kai found out that the formation on the Demon Whip was really different from the ones he knew, it was very strange!

While Kai was thinking about studying the Demon Whip in depth, Ochre Yan in his mind let out a miserable shout!

“Mr. Chen, stop quickly, the breath of this thing is too terrifying, this divine soul of mine is going to dissipate.”

Ochre Yan told Kai to stop probing that demon-drawing whip!

Only then did Kai remember that Ochre Yan, this fellow was a demon, and was most afraid of the aura on this demon-drawing whip!

So Kai withdrew his divine sense and returned the Demon Whip to the clan leader!

“Clan Chief, with this Demon Whip, then when you see the Demon Race, you can do whatever you want.”

Kai said enviously!


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