A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2876

The Ancient Body Refining Clan clan land!

It had taken Kai and the others three days to get there!

The Ancient Body Refiners’ clan’s territory was in the coldest and most barren part of the Far North, and it was precisely because it was here that the Gao Clan hadn’t killed off the Ancient Body Refiners!

In a tent built from bear skin, Kai met the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s chief!

The patriarch was dark-skinned and skinny, and looked as if he was sick!

But judging from the aura constantly emanating from the patriarch’s body, this patriarch was very strong and not as strong as he appeared to be!

“Clan chief, sin brother was brought back by me, please also ask the clan chief to punish ……”

Va’jang tied up Watt, then knelt down in front of the clan chief!

But the clan chief smiled faintly and went up and untied the ropes from Watt’s body!

This scene baffled Watt, and even Kai was a little confused!

The fact that he stole the treasure map and sold it everywhere, spreading the news of the ancient body refining clan’s treasure, was a living crime, if not a capital one!

But the patriarch had helped Watt untie the rope!

“Clan chief, Watt stole the treasure map and sold it on a large scale, according to the clan’s rules, he should be punished, although he is my younger brother, but I will never show favouritism.”

Wart said with a solemn face after the patriarch!

“Get up, Watt’s selling of the treasure map is something I allowed ……”

The patriarch said with a faint smile!

The patriarch’s words immediately made Wart confused, he didn’t understand, if the patriarch had allowed it, why did he still let himself lead the men to capture Wart back?

And Kai looked at the patriarch and suddenly seemed to understand something!

“Brother, it was the clan chief who told me to do this, otherwise with my skills, it would have been so possible to steal the treasure map.”

“Now that the treasure map is sold, many people are flocking to the Far North, and we are making a lot of money.”

Watt said with a smile towards the watts!

“Patriarch, what is this all about?”

Wart asked, utterly baffled!

“Wart, as you know, our Ancient Body Refining Clan’s resources are getting smaller and smaller, our strength is stagnant, if this continues, we will sooner or later be swallowed up, and we won’t even be able to hold onto that treasure!”

“The only way for our Ancient Body Refining Clan to continue surviving in the Extreme North Lands is to disrupt the pattern of the Extreme North Lands, only then will the forces hiding in the shadows in the Extreme North Lands also appear.”

“In this way, our Ancient Body Refining Clan will be able to survive in the midst of the turmoil, and in order to make the pattern of the Land of the Far North turmoil, there needs to be enough temptation to do so, otherwise who would come to this harsh and barren land!”

“And that temptation is the treasure of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, so I let Watt take the broken treasure map and sell it in Jialing County.”

“This way, many people will set foot in the Land of the Far North in order to find the treasure, and when that happens, there will definitely be conflict.”

“It is only when there is chaos in the Land of the Far North that our Ancient Body Refining Clan will have a chance ……”

The patriarch explained in detail!

“Patriarch, if you allowed it, why did you ask me to bring someone to bring my brother here?”

Wajang asked in disbelief!

“Only if you go and capture your brother will the crowd believe more in the authenticity of this treasure map after they see it.”

“The reason I’m hiding it from you is so that you can act more realistically, so that everyone won’t suspect.”

The Patriarch said with a faint smile!

Only then did the tile jar really understand his patriarch’s intentions.

While Kai was on the sidelines, he also listened with his scalp tingling, he did not expect this patriarch’s wisdom to be so profound, even he had fallen for it!

Not only did he spend money on the treasure map, but he also helped the watts catch the watts!

“Clan Chief, with so many people searching for the treasure, if the treasure is really unearthed, what will happen to our Ancient Body Refining Clan?”

Wart asked!

“Following the treasure is more worrying to me than the future of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, that treasure is buried deep underground, even if no one digs it, our Ancient Body Refining Clan won’t be able to dig it.”

“It would be better to let other capable people unearth the treasure, so that our Ancient Body Refining Clan’s techniques can also be spread.”

The Patriarch continued to explain!


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