A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2873

After all, this Ice Pillar Fragment is a speciality of this extremely cold northern land and is not found anywhere else!

Only those who live on this side of the world all year round would know about the existence of Ice Spirit Fragments!

“We just got an Ice Soul Fragment, only someone tried to snatch it halfway and I killed one!”

Kai explained!

It was only at this time that Wajang saw a burnt corpse not far away!

“Kai, what is this Ice Soul Fragment?”

Liu Ruyan asked with great curiosity!

“Rumour has it that the Ice Soul Fragment is …………”

The tile jar spoke up at this point, his explanation following almost exactly what that Gao Qilan had said, and it looked like Gao Qilan wasn’t deceiving Kai!

“This didn’t expect such a harsh and barren place to have such a treasure.”

“Kai quickly take it out and show me what this Ice Spirit Fragment looks like.”

Liu Ruyan couldn’t help but say!

“That Ice Soul Fragment has been absorbed by me, it’s long gone ……”

Kai said awkwardly!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan could only bristle, and then the group started to continue on their way!

It was only when it was dark that they found a place to start resting!


In this extremely cold northern land, there is a manor covering dozens of acres, in this kind of place, the family that can have this kind of manor must be very strong!

This is the Gao family, hundreds of people from the Gao family live within this manor, and there are quite a few guard posts and protective formations around the manor!

It might be to prevent attacks by demonic beasts, or to prevent sneak attacks by others!

Gao Qilan quietly returned to the Gao family, after all, she went out, secretly, and if her elder brother Gao Qiang found out, she would definitely be scolded!

“Eldest Miss is back ……”

The two guards guarding the door saw Gao Qilan and hurriedly greeted her!

“You two, you haven’t denounced me, have you?”

Gao Qilan asked as she looked at the two guards!

“No, no absolutely not ……” The two guards waved their hands repeatedly!

“It’s better for you guys to be sensible, I’ll bring you back something good from outside when I have the chance.”

Gao Qilan finished speaking and smiled as he walked into the Gao family manor!

Originally, Gao Qilan wanted to slip back to his room in the night, but instead he ran into two people!

“Second Young Master is going to have a good time again today, the two chicks he caught are really good looking.”

“No, I can see the Second Young Master’s eyes are straight, I just don’t know if the Second Young Master will let us have a taste too when he’s done playing, I haven’t touched a woman for a long time.”

The two men were walking and talking, not noticing Gao Qilan at the side!

When Gao Qilan heard what they were talking about, she frowned and stopped them and said, “What did you just say? Did my second brother go to catch another woman?”

When the two men saw Gao Qilan, they were stunned and waved their hands, “No, we didn’t say anything ……”

The two guys looked very afraid of Gao Qilan and kept waving their hands repeatedly!

“Tell me the truth, if you dare to lie to me, I will kill you two right now.”

Gao Qilan said with a glare in his eyes!

The two men’s bodies shook violently and they hurriedly said, “Miss, the Second Young Master has indeed captured two girls, and they are now in the dungeon, and the Second Young Master is also there.

“Second brother this guy, really dog can’t change to eat shit ……”

Once Gao Qilan heard this, his face changed and he hurriedly headed towards the dungeon!

And at this time inside the dungeon, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng were locked inside, and the abilities on their bodies were all suppressed, just like ordinary people now!

Gao Qisheng’s eyes were glowing red as he walked towards Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng step by step!

“Don’t you come over, don’t you come over ……”

Yu Jiameng and Fire Phoenix were clinging to each other, curled up in the corner!

“Hahahaha, you guys just don’t be resisting, as long as you two serve me well, I promise not to hurt you.”

Gao Qisheng laughed loudly!


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