A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2872

Kai nodded and gently crushed the ice spirit fragment, an aura instantly entered Kai’s body, an aura that was obviously much stronger than spiritual energy!

After just a few minutes, Kai had completely refined this breath.

“Immediately the peak of the second grade, could this really be immortal Qi?”

Kai was filled with astonishment, the aura within this ice spirit fragment was just too powerful, such a small piece contained such a huge amount of energy, if this were to find all of the ice spirit fragments, wouldn’t his strength cross several realms!

The only thing is that this ice spirit fragment doesn’t have a breath that leaks out, so there’s no way to sense it with divine sense. If you only rely on your naked eyes to find it, this white continent is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack, I’m afraid!

Just as Kai had finished absorbing the Ice Soul Fragment, Tile Jar and the others were already looking for it!

When Liu Ruyan saw Kai following a girl who was talking and laughing, she walked over with some jealousy!

“Kai, who is this girl?”

Liu Ruyan asked!

“This is Miss Gao Qilan of the Gao family, just …………”

Kai was about to explain!

When he saw Tile Tank and the others see Gao Qilan, they were like enemies and took out their weapons to surround Gao Qilan!

Gao Qilan’s face changed when she saw this, and she asked in some confusion “Who are you people? What do you want?”

“Are you from the Gao family?”

Wajang questioned!

“Not bad.” Gao Qilan nodded his head!

“Since you’re from the Gao family, you’re our enemy.”

Wart had an angry look on his face!

“Who the hell are you people? I don’t even know you guys, so how come you’re enemies?”

Gao Qilan was dumbfounded, she didn’t even know Watt and the others.

Normally, she rarely went out, and she was not allowed to participate in many of the Gao family’s affairs, so Gao Qilan didn’t know anything about the Gao family and the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

In fact, Tile Tank didn’t know Gao Qilan either, but when he heard Kai say it, that’s why he surrounded Gao Qilan!

“We’re from the Ancient Body Refining Clan, your Gao Clan is our enemy for taking over our territory and robbing us of our resources.”

The tile tank said angrily!

“People from the Ancient Body Refining Clan?” Gao Qilan frowned slightly “I’ve heard of your Ancient Body Refining Clan, but when did our Gao Clan rob your resources? When did we take over your territory? I think you guys are just spouting blood.”

“Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because there are more of you, if you really fight, a few of you won’t be enough for me to fight.”

Gao Qilan had just broken through to the sixth rank of the Combined Body Realm, so even if Tile Tank and the others joined forces, they were really no match for Gao Qilan!

“Wajang, well, the feud between your Ancient Body Refining Clan and the Gao Family doesn’t necessarily follow every Gao family member.”

“It’s obvious that Miss Gao doesn’t know what their Gao family has done, so you shouldn’t make things difficult for her.”

Kai spoke up at this point!

Wajang looked at Kai and knew that without Kai’s help, just a few of them from the Ancient Body Refining Clan would not be a match for Gao Qilan at all, so he nodded and moved out of the way.

“Miss Gao, you can go, we have to hurry too!”

Kai said to Gao Qilan!

Gao Qilan gave Kai a look, then turned around and left!

Kai and the others also began to hurry!

“Wajang, your Ancient Body Refining Clan has been in this extreme northern land for the longest time, do you know about the Ice Soul Fragment?”

Kai asked to Wajang!

“Of course I know, that Ice Spirit Fragment is a rare treasure in the Land of the Far North, only that it is something that can be found but not sought.”

“I have lived in the Land of the Far North for so many years and have never even seen a piece.”

“Why is Mr Chen asking about this Ice Spirit Fragment?”

Wajang was curious as to how Kai knew about the Ice Spirit Fragment!


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