A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2871

Seeing Gao Qilan’s hesitation, Kai smiled coldly and said, “I am not a decent man, if you don’t hand over the Ice Pillar Fragment, I can just grab it, then you won’t get the Ice Pillar Fragment, or you might even lose your body because of it.”

Hearing Kai say so, Gao Qilan’s face turned ugly, and finally reluctantly handed over the Ice Soul Fragment to Kai!

Only after Kai took the Ice Soul Fragment, he violently broke it apart with great force, and the originally small Ice Soul Fragment now became even smaller!

“Seeing that you found this Ice Soul Fragment first, let you give some ……”

Kai gave half to Gao Qilan!

This shocked Gao Qilan, she didn’t expect that there would still be such people in the Celestial Realm, getting their hands on something and sharing it with themselves?

Even if Kai did not share it with her, there was nothing Gao Qilan could do, who let her strength be inferior to Kai!

Since she was not as skilled as others, she could only be slaughtered, not to mention that Kai had saved her.

“You are truly a special person ……”

Gao Qilan took the half of the ice spirit fragment and violently crushed it, instantly a majestic aura surrounded Gao Qilan’s side!

Gao Qilan far turn kung fu directly absorbed all of this aura!

Immediately afterwards a glowing light rose from Gao Qilan’s body, like a cannonball, exploding directly in mid-air, drifting out a beautiful firework.

“This …………”

Kai saw this and couldn’t help but be shocked!

“Finally a breakthrough ……” Gao Qilan said with a face full of excitement!

“Is this ice spirit fragment so effective? Just this little thing made you break through?”

“And from this vision you have of breaking through up, it’s really a bit peculiar!”

Kai said in surprise!

“The aura within this Ice Soul Fragment is different from this Celestial Realm, rather than aura, it would be better to say that what is within this Ice Soul Fragment is immortal aura.”

“The reason why this continent formed into this extremely cold place now is because many years ago, a piece of ice spirit fell from the Celestial Realm, and finally this ice spirit exploded and the fragments were scattered in pieces all over this continent, so this extremely cold place was formed.”

“And the energy contained within this ice spirit fragment should be the Immortal Qi of the Heavenly Realm, only that no one knows what the Immortal Qi is like, it’s just a guess!”

Gao Qilan followed Kai as he recounted the origins of the Ice Soul Fragment!

It looked like Gao Qilan had a certain amount of trust in Kai, which was why he told him this!

When Kai listened, he instantly realized that this was just like when the Monkey King pushed over the Tai Shang Lao Lao’s alchemy furnace and dropped a brick, forming the Flaming Mountain!

Only why this ice spirit had actually fallen, that was unknown!

“How many of such good things have you found?”

Kai didn’t expect that apart from the treasures of the Ancient Body Refining Clan in this extremely cold land, there were also such good things as ice spirit fragments!

It seemed that this trip was worthwhile!

“Do you think this Ice Spirit Fragment is that easy to find? This continent covers an extremely large area, and the Ice Spirit Fragment is very small and does not have the slightest aura flowing out, so one can only rely on the naked eye to find it, so finding one is very difficult.”

“Today this Ice Soul Fragment is the first one I’ve found, before I could only stay at home, my big brother wouldn’t let me out.”

Gao Qilan said!

“Then who is Gao Qijie to you?”

Kai asked as he remembered Gao Qijie who he had beaten up in the ring!

“That’s my brother, how do you know him?”

Gao Qilan asked curiously!

“Oh, I’ve seen him in Jialing County.” Kai said!

“Ah, they’ve gone to Jialing County? No wonder I haven’t seen him and Second Brother at home during this period of time.”

“They actually sneaked off to play in Jialing County, I’ll definitely settle the score with them when we get home.”

“You should absorb this Ice Soul Fragment quickly, holding it in your hand is a time bomb, it might be snatched away.”

Gao Qilan barked at Kai!


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