A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2869

The scaly snake ate the pain and kept hissing, but there was already a bit of fear in its eyes!

Kai took advantage of the situation and swung his sword forward again, fighting after the jiao snake, while the girl ran straight towards the ice shard while the jiao snake was unprepared, grabbed it and ran!

Seeing the girl’s hand, Kai’s body leapt backwards, intending to get out of the fight, he didn’t need to waste his spiritual energy following this Jiao Snake!

Just get what you want, there’s no need to kill the jiao snake!

But just as the girl had gotten her hands on the Ice Piece, three men suddenly appeared and directly stopped the girl, three men with murderous intent in their eyes!

The girl was stunned and clutched the ice shard in her hand with a bit of panic in her eyes!

Kai didn’t expect that someone was ambushing her, so he tried to help the girl, but he was stopped by the jiao snake!

“Damn, little beast, I tried to let you off the hook, and you’re still coming on strong ……”

Kai cursed angrily, and the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand slashed in one smooth motion!

Several sword rays went towards the Jiao Snake like a meteor!

The Jiao Snake hissed and tried to dodge these sword rays, but it was already too late!

Several sword rays pierced through the body of the snake, instantly cutting it into several pieces, and a white beast elixir slowly floated into mid-air!

Kai reached out and collected the beast pellet, then walked over to the girl!

The girl and the three men who had appeared looked at Kai in astonishment, they had not expected that Kai would have killed the Jiao Snake so quickly!

“A tiny second grade cultivator of the Combined Body realm was able to easily kill this Jiao Snake, it seems to be hidden very deeply.”

A tall man with an eye patch over his left eye looked at Kai and said!

“Who are you people? Why are you stopping us? Have you been ambushed here for a long time?”

Kai asked in a cold voice to the three men!

“Not bad, we have been here for a long time, and it was the three of us who were the first to discover this Ice Spirit Fragment.”

The one-eyed man said!

“Since you found it, why didn’t you take this Ice Soul Fragment away?”

“Don’t tell me that you three cultivators of the fifth rank of the Harmony Realm can’t defeat a guardian auger and snake.”

Kai asked in a cold voice!

“Of course we are able to take the Ice Spirit Fragment away, except that we still want this Ice Spirit Fragment to fish.”

“That’s not all it took to catch you, now we not only want to take the Ice Soul Fragment, but what you have with you, we also want to hand it over.”

The one-eyed man smiled coldly and said.

“Just the three of you, I’m afraid you won’t be able to stop us!”

Kai was unfazed and said with a calm face!

“Can’t stop?”

The one-eyed man laughed and immediately took out a formation plate from his arms and threw it towards mid-air!

The array plate began to spin and instantly emitted a blinding light as a curtain of light came down and instantly surrounded Kai!

“The array plate is all used, this is an expensive item, right?”

Kai looked at the formation in front of him and couldn’t help but laugh!

“Compared to the Ice Soul Fragment, what’s this array plate!”

The one-eyed man laughed, then looked at the girl and reached out his hand, “Hand over the Ice Soul Fragment, as well as the items you brought with you, all of them must be handed over, or else you will die.”

The girl looked coldly at the three men in front of her, now that Kai was under the control of the formation, she knew there was no way to count on Kai, so she said to the three men “How dare you, don’t you know who I am? If you dare to make a move against me in the Extreme North, you will all die without a burial place when the time comes.”

“Hahahaha, aren’t you the Gao family’s eldest young lady, Gao Qilan? Don’t think we don’t know, but don’t imagine your Gao family to be too powerful, hand over the Ice Soul Fragment now and I can still spare your life.”

“If you dare to resist, then I will kill you, but in killing your Qi, we three brothers will enjoy the enjoyment ……”

The one-eyed man’s eyes were penetrated with a bright light


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