A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2868

“Got it, Mr. Chen ……”

The Three Monsters nodded!

Kai then followed the girl towards the place where the ice shard was!

“Where are you from? Why are you hiding your realm strength? What are you doing here in this bitterly cold place in the far north?”

The girl kept asking all sorts of questions to Kai along the way, but Kai didn’t open his mouth at all!

No matter how much the girl asked, Kai just wouldn’t say anything!

After all, he didn’t know the girl well, so Kai didn’t have to tell her everything about himself!

When the girl saw that Kai didn’t say anything, she kept her mouth shut too!

Soon, the two arrived at a small hill covered in ice and snow.

“It’s just ahead, you can see it from here too.”

The girl pointed forward!

Kai looked in the direction of the girl’s finger and found that there was indeed a place that followed the snow differently, and when he looked closely, it was a shard that shone white, and the shard was surrounded by a mist.

And from this fragment, a large amount of spiritual qi was constantly surrounding the fragment, forming a spiritual qi vortex.

“Then, can’t we just go over there?”

Kai glanced around and found that there was nothing and no so-called demonic beasts guarding it, so he said to the girl!

“But no, there are ice snakes coiled up here, we will definitely be attacked if we go over like this.”

The girl shook her head!

“Then wait here, I’ll go over and get it!”

Kai told the girl to wait, and then he walked towards the ice spirit fragment.

But just two steps away, the ground suddenly shook, followed by a white giant snake surprisingly rushing out from the ice surface underground, the giant snake was covered in white scales and kept spitting out its letters, emitting an insidiously cold aura!

And on the head of the giant snake, two horns of only a dozen centimetres were exposed, it was obvious that this was not an ordinary giant snake, but a scaly snake!

“Hiss hiss …………”

The jiao snake faced Kai and kept making noises, as if it was blocking Kai from approaching that ice spirit fragment!

Kai took a look at that Jiao Snake, a fifth rank of the Combined Body realm, following that Ice Bear Monster with equal strength, so Kai had nothing to fear at all!

“In a moment, I will fight this Jiao Snake, you go and take the Ice Soul Fragment away.”

Kai said to the girl!

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll take the Ice Soul Fragment and escape?”

The girl asked as she looked at Kai in surprise!

“Not afraid, because anyone who dares to trick me, I have sent him to meet the King of Hell, so if you dare to trick me, you will die too ……”

Kai said lightly!

However, when these words were heard in the girl’s ears, her body shook!

Without waiting for the girl to say anything else, Kai leapt up with his dragon chopping sword in his hand and headed straight for the dragon snake!

After sensing Kai’s attack, the scorpion lifted its body and opened its bloody mouth!

Just as Kai got close, the jiao snake spat out a white mist!

This white mist was condensed from cold Qi, the only thing extremely low, and could freeze everything!

These cold mists even froze the air, and the whole space began to distort!

Kai’s body entered the white mist and was instantly frozen in mid-air, like an ice sculpture!

The girl was instantly frozen when she saw this scene, she didn’t expect Kai to be so unbeatable in front of this Jiao Snake, and was directly frozen.

The jiao snake spat out its letters and hissed as it quickly rushed towards Kai, intending to swallow him in one gulp!

The girl wanted to save Kai, but there was nothing she could do!

All she could do was watch as Kai was eaten by the snake!

But just as the snake reached Kai, a red glow suddenly appeared on Kai’s chest, followed by a blazing flame that instantly melted the frost!

Kai then wielded the Dragon Chopper Sword and slashed at the incoming Jiao Snake with a single blow, the sharp blade instantly cutting through the Jiao Snake’s body, directly inflicting a wound and staining the ground with blood!


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