A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2864

Kai and the others continued their journey, but for a long time the Three Monstrous Thieves did not find Su Yuqi and the girls!

Kai could only choose to rest and wait for news from the Three Monstrous Thieves in the meantime.

After all, rushing in such a harsh environment was very draining of spiritual energy!

But just as Kai was about to rest, a figure suddenly came running towards them in a hurry not far away!

When Kai and the others saw this, they frowned and immediately took up a defensive stance!

This was the first person they had encountered since they had entered the Far North, and they had chosen a very concealed route, but they didn’t expect to encounter anyone!

Only then did Kai see that there was a fierce beast chasing behind him!

The beast was huge, covered in white fur, and with every step it took, it was able to stomp a few ice cones into the ground!

“Everyone be careful, this is the ice bear monster ……”

Wajang hurriedly said!

And at this time, the figure had already come close, after seeing Kai and the others, he immediately had a happy heart and said “Brother, help, help me ……”

Kai fixed his eyes and found that this person was Neo Bao, who had bought the treasure map at Watt’s and greeted him!

Neo Bao’s huge body, now covered in frost, kept calling out to Kai for help!

Neo Bao was of the fifth level of cultivation at the Harmony Realm, while the Ice Bear Monster behind him was also of the fifth level of cultivation at the Harmony Realm!

Although of equal cultivation, the true strength of a demonic beast is usually stronger!

Plus, this far north land was the territory of the Ice Bear Monster, so this Neo Bao could only run away!

“This guy, he’s so damn bad, he’s lured the Ice Bear Monsters towards our side!”

When Wajang saw this, he immediately said in anger!

To know that this Ice Bear Monster of the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm, several of them together would probably have a hard time dealing with it!

After all, none of them were strong, and none of them were above the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm at all!

“Brother, help me, help me ……”

Running in front of Kai, that Neo Bao said with a panting voice!

“You fellow, you couldn’t even beat that ice bear monster at your fifth rank of the Combined Body realm, and now you’re running to get us, who are not as strong as you, to save you.”

“Aren’t you deliberately trying to harm us?”

Wajang roared at Neo Bao with great dissatisfaction!

Neo Bao blushed, then looked at Kai and the others, and found that they were all of some Combined Body Realm second or third grade strength, none of them surpassing himself!

“Sorry, I’ll lure that ice bear monster away ……”

Neo Bao apologized, before fiercely waving his palm out, swirling up the wind and snow in the sky, before running off in another direction!

“Brother Neo stay, you are not a match for this ice bear monster, sooner or later you will be eaten, it’s better for me to deal with it!”

Kai called out to Neo Bao!

“You?” Neo Bao had a puzzled look on his face, how could Kai, with a second rank of the Combined Body Realm, beat an Ice Bear Monster of the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm!

Moreover, in this Far North Land, the Ice Bear Monster still had a strength bonus, so Kai was even less of a match!

“Brother, I appreciate your kindness, but with this strength, I’m afraid that the Ice Bear Monster would be killed with a single slap.”

“You guys should also run for your lives quickly ……”

Neo Bao said, and ran towards the side!

But just after running two steps, along with a roar from the Ice Bear Monster, the entire body instantly pounced on Neo Bao!

Neo Bao was so shocked that he raised his palms and pushed forward, trying to block the Ice Bear Monster’s attack!

But the Ice Bear Monster’s huge body, coupled with the countless frost on its body, was too much for Neo Bao to block!

In the nick of time, Kai suddenly appeared and pushed Neo Bao aside!

And with one hand, he took out his Zeng Long Sword, and a brilliant sword light surged out abruptly!

“Chop …………”

Kai shouted lowly, and an endless light blossomed from the Zeng Long Sword, the sky was instantly lit up.


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