A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2861

Inside the cave!

Su Yuqi, Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng were snuggling up to each other!

The three of them were already exhausted. They had been chased by Gao Qisheng for the past few days and were so exhausted that they had to hide everywhere!

Now the three of them were starving and cold, and their mounts were long gone!

“Sister Yu Qi, we need to get up and hurry right away, I guess that guy is coming after us soon.”

Fire Phoenix said breathlessly to Su Yuqi!

“Fire Phoenix, I really don’t have the strength to be running anymore, I want to sleep!”

Su Yuqi’s eyes kept fighting!

“Yu Qi, you can’t sleep, hang in there a little longer.”

Yu Jiameng hurriedly shook Su Yuqi and said!

But Su Yuqi’s eyes, not obeying at all, were tightly closed.

“Yu Qi, Yu Qi ……”

Seeing this, Yu Jia Meng hurriedly shook Su Yuqi, but Su Yuqi didn’t respond at all!

“Fire Phoenix, take a quick look, what’s wrong with Yu Qi?”

Yu Jiameng said in a panic!

Seeing this, Fire Phoenix hurriedly probed Su Yuqi, but once she did so, Fire Phoenix suddenly turned pale with fright!

“Bad, Sister Yuqi’s breath is weak and the Fate Soul in her body is starting to dissipate ……”

Fire Phoenix said in shock!

“Ah? How could this happen? How could this happen?”

Yu Jia Meng couldn’t understand why Su Yuqi, who wasn’t injured, would suddenly turn into this state!

“Sister Yu Qi is a fire spirit body, and she has been running around in this extremely cold land for this period of time, plus she didn’t have time to regain her strength, and now the cold Qi has entered her body, which is exactly the opposite of her fire spirit body, that’s why she has become like this.”

Fire Phoenix explained!

“Then what should we do?” Yu Jia Meng said with some anxiety!

During this period of time, the three of them had become like sisters, and seeing Su Yuqi like this, Yu Jiameng was heartbroken!

“There’s nothing I can do, right now my spiritual power is also insufficient, now if there was a ball of flame, it might be able to maintain the proliferation of Sister Yu Qi’s Fate Soul!”

Fire Phoenix said with a frown!

But in this bitterly cold place, where to build a fire?

Moreover, if they raised the flame, then Gao Qixian would soon come after them, and they wouldn’t be able to run at all!

Just when Fire Phoenix and Yu Jia Meng were at a loss, suddenly there was a sound from outside the cave!

The two of them knew that Gao Qisheng was definitely coming after them with his men!

“Fire Phoenix, that big pervert is coming after us again, what should we do?”

Yu Jia Meng panicked!

Su Yuqi was unconscious, so there was no way for them to escape!

Fire Phoenix looked around the cave, then pressed her palms against the stone wall inside the cave!

Flames slowly rose up from the Fire Phoenix’s body!

Her palms dived into the stone walls, and soon they actually began to melt, these walls were not stone, but a thick layer of ice!

“Sister Jia Meng, put Sister Yu Qi in quickly ……”

After the fire phoenix melted the stone walls into a large pit, it told Yu Jiameng to put Su Yuqi in!

Immediately after that, a pair of wings stretched out from the back of the fire phoenix with a red glow emanating from them!

The fire phoenix hurriedly plucked a feather and placed it on Su Yuqi’s body, before covering Su Yuqi with ice and snow!

The extreme cold soon froze Su Yuqi in!

From the outside, it was impossible to tell that there was a person within this stone wall!

“I hope this fire feather of mine can keep Sister Yuqi alive.”

Fire Phoenix glanced at Su Yuqi, then led Yu Jiameng towards the outside of the cave!

The two of them were going to attract Gao Qisheng and the others to other places!

After Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng escaped from the cave, Gao Qisheng who was not far away really found out!

“Damn it, trying to run, hurry up and give chase …………”

Gao Qisheng led his men to quickly chase towards Fire Phoenix and Yu Jiameng!

And Yu Jiameng and Huofeng, holding each other’s hand, were running away at a slower and slower pace!


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