A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2860

Seeing this, Kai didn’t ask any questions, but followed the tile jar and hurried along!

Kai intended to visit the Ancient Body Refining Clan first, and then go in search of the treasure, if there was a helper from the Ancient Body Refining Clan, perhaps it would be easier to find the treasure!

Kai didn’t dare to take a transport, after all, those airships were all from the Flying Sky Clan, if Kai took them, they would simply be throwing themselves into the net!

By relying closely on foot, for such a long distance, Kai would need to consume several days on the road, but there was no time requirement to find the treasure, so Kai wasn’t in a big hurry!

In order to prevent anyone from intercepting them halfway, Kai asked the Three Monstrous Thieves to travel dozens of miles ahead, and if they encountered anyone, they would have to report to Kai immediately, and Kai would then choose a new route!

The Three Monstrous Thieves acted as scouts!

After a full day of walking, Kai felt the temperature getting colder and colder, and the ground began to turn white!

But this bit of bitter cold was nothing to Kai and his fellow cultivators!

“Mr. Chen, it’s getting a bit late, let’s rest for the night, it’s too dangerous if we travel at night, in this place, there are often bear monsters out at night.”

Wajang said to Kai!

Kai nodded, and then found a big tree to rest under, and started to rest!

Wajang then raised a campfire and baked the group’s clothes so that it would be warmer around the flames!

Kai sat down on his knees and began to cultivate, he had to speed up his cultivation or else the path would get harder and harder in a while!

“Mr. Chen, you can use the demonic Qi within that jade token to cultivate, your technique can refine demonic Qi, not to mention that you yourself possess a demonic aura, so using demonic Qi to cultivate is not repulsive.”

At this moment, in his mind, Ochre Yan’s voice slowly rang out!

“That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that ……”

Kai said, taking out the jade token, then began to absorb the demonic Qi within it! >
At this moment, Kai only cared about cultivation, where did he care about those demon cultivator residual souls inside the jade token, as to whether these demon cultivators should die or not, Kai didn’t have time to bother about it!

While Kai was resting, there was a snowy ravine only a few hundred miles away from them!

Gao Qisheng was resting with the Gao Clan’s crowd!

“Second Brother, this time Big Brother asked you to come out with me in order to block that tile tank and then catch him.”

“Good for you, for the sake of three little girls, you let me go to Jialing County alone, and I ended up getting beaten up.”

“Now that tile jar is nowhere to be found, how are we going to find the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s treasure if we can’t find that tile jar?”

“If we go back like this, big brother will definitely blame us.”

Gao Qijie said discontentedly to Gao Qisheng!

“Shut up, punk thing, instead of calling yourself a punk, you’re complaining about me, being beaten by a second rank of the Harmonious Body realm, and you still have the face to talk about it here?”

“When we get back, I’ll explain to big brother, no need for you to open your mouth, if I can’t, I’ll go to the Ancient Body Refining Clan and bring in their clan leader, if they dare not cooperate with us, I’ll destroy the Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

Gao Qisheng said with a gloomy face!

Looking at Gao Qisheng’s appearance, Gao Qijie was so scared that he didn’t dare to speak anymore!

At this moment, a Gao family subordinate covered in wind and snow walked into the cave!

“How is it?” Gao Qisheng hurriedly asked!

“Second Young Master, those three girls are in the cave not far away, I didn’t follow them in so as not to alert the snake!”

The subordinate reported!

“Hahahaha, great, I won’t let them get away this time, damn it, after chasing them for so many days, they’ve never been caught.”

“Follow me to catch them immediately, as long as we catch the three of them, we will be able to go back, there will be rewards for all of them then!”

Gao Qisheng finished speaking and led the Gao family towards the place where Su Yuqi and the girls were hiding!


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