A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2859

When the other two saw this, they hurriedly followed Lord Yan and explained, “Lord Yan, we didn’t check that little brother, you can ask, we both didn’t do anything!”

And that old Kong, half of his face was red and swollen, with his head bowed, like a child being disciplined!

The condescending look from earlier had long since disappeared!

As Kai watched this scene, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

This was the celestial realm, this was the law of the jungle, where the weak prey on the strong!

In front of absolute strength, even the most arrogant people would become submissive.

“Get out of here right now, before I find out that you dare to loot around Jialing County, I will let your gods and souls perish ……”

Lord Yan said coldly!

“Fine, fine …………”

After saying that, the three men ran away without looking back.

“Lord Yan, thanks a lot, I didn’t expect you to come so promptly!”

Kai stepped forward and thanked him!

“I was also attracted here by the vision, there was such a strong demonic aura in that vision, it wouldn’t be from whatever you’re holding, would it?”

Lord Yan asked!

“It’s that treasure jade token, I just dripped my blood to recognise it and that vision appeared!”

Kai said truthfully!

He wasn’t afraid of Lord Yan snatching his things, after all, they were now considered to be on the same boat, there was no way Lord Yan would touch him!

“It seems that that jade pendant is not just a treasure key, you should pay more attention along the way, I can’t control you if you leave the territory of Jialing County.”

Lord Yan reminded!

“Thank you, Lord Yan, for reminding me, I will pay attention.”

Kai nodded his head!

As Lord Yan left, Kai and the others also hurriedly left the area, that vision just now would definitely attract other people, and there would be unnecessary trouble then!

“Tile jar, what is going on with that jade pendant? Why is there such a strong demonic energy inside?”

Kai asked to the tile jar!

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know much about it either, but I heard that when that treasure was being built at that time, a large number of demon labourers were used, after all, the demons were already rats in the streets at that time.”

“Many devil cultivators fled to the sparsely populated land of the extreme north, and at that time, the entire land of the extreme north was the territory of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, and many devil cultivators were captured to serve as labourers at that time.”

“Only after the treasure was built, it seems that all those devil cultivators were wiped out, one to prevent the location of the treasure from leaking out, and also because devil cultivators are street rats, anyone who dares to take in a devil cultivator is punished and hunted down!”

“But these are just what I’ve heard, what exactly the reason is, I’m not very clear ……”

Wajang carefully followed Kai’s explanation!

Kai took out that jade token and looked at it carefully, if what Wajang said was correct, after those demon cultivators were destroyed, it seemed that many of the remnant souls were sealed inside this jade token!

“Wajang, since that Land of the Far North is the territory of your Ancient Body Refining Clan, what about the Gao Clan?”

Kai asked!

When he heard Kai ask this question, Vajra sighed and said, “The Gao Clan was only later, the Gao Clan had only been in the Extreme North for a few hundred years, but because of the Gao Clan’s powerful techniques, their strength grew rapidly and they soon became powerful, slowly eating away at our Ancient Body Refining Clan’s territory.”

“Later on, they even killed our people, making our Ancient Body Refining Clan the efforts of the Gao Family, and although we resisted desperately, our strength simply could not defeat the Gao Family, so much so that our Ancient Body Refining Clan is now hiding in an even harsher place.”

“However, the Gao Family has pressed our Ancient Body Refining Clan every step of the way and has gone to great lengths to cut off all our resources in order to obtain the treasure to force us into submission.”

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come all the way to Jialing County to fight and earn some supplies ……”

Tile tank’s voice was low and looked very worried!

Probably worrying about the future of his Ancient Body Refining Clan!


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