A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2856

Feeling the powerful aura emanating from the three, even though the other party was so rude, Kai and the rest of them did not dare to open their mouths, and Wajang and the Three Monstrous Thieves and the others even lowered their heads slightly, not daring to look directly at each other!

“Who are you people? Did something happen here just now?”

One of the old men asked coldly!

The old man’s eyes were like torches, constantly sweeping over the bodies of several people, and the aura that erupted from his body was extremely manic!

He didn’t look like he was to be messed with, and he had a fiery temper, so he might have to fight at the drop of a hat!

Kai’s heart trembled as he felt the manic aura of the old man, and his brow furrowed slightly!

Judging from the aura on his body, this old man was above the eighth grade of the Harmonious Body Realm, and might even be at the peak of the Harmonious Body Realm!

At this realm of strength, Kai was simply not capable of dealing with it!

What’s more, there were three of them, each with a weak aura, and Kai and the others together were afraid that they would not be able to deal with even one of them!

“Senior, we don’t feel that anything is happening, I wonder what senior is looking for? Is there anything we can do to help?”

Kai said politely!

“Didn’t feel it?” The old man frowned and shot a deadly look at Kai “The heaven and earth vision was so strong just now, how could you not have felt it, you were clearly lying.”

“If you tell me truthfully now, I can ignore the fact that you just lied, but if I know that you are lying to me, the consequences will be more than you can bear.”

The old man threatened Kai!

After all, the heaven and earth vision had just been so strong, and it had happened in Kai’s direction, so how could he not know about it!

“Senior, we really didn’t lie to you, we just came out from Jialing County, we didn’t know anything about the heaven and earth vision.”

Kai pretended to look scared, his face was pale and his body was trembling faintly!

“Old Kong, look at how scared this guy is, I guess he doesn’t dare to lie to us, and that vision just now, it must be due to some supreme treasure, look at these guys, do they look like people with supreme treasures?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man holding a long sword and wearing an octagonal hat came forward and said!

“Zuo Qing, what do you know, the more harmless and low realm people look, the more likely they are to be carrying treasures on their bodies.”

“Just now, the heaven and earth vision was clearly in this direction, yet they said they didn’t see it, so they were obviously lying to us.”

“You guy is just soft-hearted, I’m going to search and see if they have any treasures on them.”

After that old Kong finished speaking, he saw Kai and said, “You guys stand in a line for me, then take off your clothes for me to check, and take out all the storage treasures on your body.”

As soon as Kai heard that the other party wanted to search his body and check his storage ring, his face became a little ugly!

One must know that Kai now had many treasures in his storage ring, if this were to be inspected, he would definitely not snatch them!

“Senior, this is not proper, and we still have girls here ……”

Kai suppressed the anger in his heart and said politely!

“What’s wrong with girls? I’ve seen many girls, as long as I’m allowed to finish checking and there’s nothing, I’ll let you guys go!”

“I won’t do anything to the girl, it’s just a couple of looks at the body, it’s not like there’s anything missing!”

“Don’t give me a mother-in-law, get undressed ……”

Old Kong said in a brutally unreasonable manner.

Hearing Old Kong say this, Liu Ruyan blushed and looked at Old Kong angrily, “Old impudent thing ……”

This sentence instantly made old Kong’s eyes chill, and a wave of mighty pressure rushed like a tsunami, heading straight for Liu Ruyan!

The first time I saw this, my face suddenly changed!

She didn’t expect that her angry words would bring about her death, this old man was too unreasonable!


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