A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2852

“What are you really? Why should I tell you?”

“This is Carling County, if you do it, you’re breaking the rules of Carling County ……”

Watt said loudly!

When Kai saw that Watt didn’t say anything, he used a little force on his hand, only to hear Watt’s bones cackle!

The pain instantly spread throughout Watt’s body!

“Someone, someone, someone is doing it ……”

Watts shouted through the pain!

Soon the two men at the door rushed in, but were instantly brought under control by the Three Monstrous Thieves!

And the guards of Jialing County, having heard the shouts, came running in!

Only, when they saw that Kai was doing it, they all froze, followed by pretending not to see anything, and turned around and headed out!

Watt was all confused when he saw this scene, and hurriedly shouted, “Army master, army master, hurry up and arrest him, he’s doing it to me, he’s having a private fight within Jialing County ……”
But no matter how much Watt shouted, the guards left as quickly as if they couldn’t hear!

They weren’t stupid, even Lord Yan didn’t care if Kai made a move, so they, the little minions, wouldn’t dare to care even more!

“There’s no need to shout, not to mention that I’m making a move within Jialing County, even if I kill you now, no one will care about me.”

Kai said coldly!

Seeing this, Watt knew that Kai was indeed capable, and that he didn’t even dare to care about the guards within Jialing County, so he could only say, “I say, I say, let go of me first ……”

Kai released the wat, while the wat rubbed his shoulder, then said, “That wat is my brother, the two of us are twins, that’s why we look so much alike, I wonder why you know my brother?”

Kai told the story of how he had followed Wart to meet him, but didn’t say anything about the jade tablet!

After listening to this, Watt was silent for a moment and said, “Right now, our Ancient Body Refining Clan is having an incredibly difficult time living in the Extreme North, and we are also being targeted by the Gao Family at every turn ……”

“This treasure map of mine is real, I stole it from the clan leader of our Ancient Alchemy clan, I just wanted to earn some money!”
Kai was surprised to see that this Watt had actually stolen his own clan chief’s treasure map to sell!

“You actually sold even your own clan’s treasure, aren’t you afraid of being hunted down by other Ancient Body Refining cultivators?”

Kai asked!

“I’m not really selling out, in fact it’s useless to have this treasure map, even if I find the location of the treasure, I can’t open it, I need to have the key to open it to do so!”

“I just can’t live in the Far North anymore, it’s the only way to go ……”

Watt slyly argued!

“Thanks to you and watts tank or twin brothers, your brother fought in the ring to earn resources for your clan!”

“You’re better off, stealing treasure maps to sell, only caring about your own enjoyment and not caring about the rest of your clan.”

Kai said angrily!

“What I should have told you has already been said, and as for the affairs of our Ancient Body Refining Clan, there is no need for you to care.”

“You can leave now ……”

Watt gave the expulsion order!

Kai gave Watt a cold look, then led Liu Ruyan and the others away!

Although this Watt was shameless, Kai had no friendship following the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and could not care less about such matters!

But just as Kai was leaving from Watt’s residence, he ran into Watt head-on, only to see Watt with an angry face and two strong men behind him!

“Mr. Chen?” Seeing Kai, Wajang looked a little surprised!

“Wajang, didn’t you go back to the Far North, why are you still in Jialing County?”

Kai asked, puzzled!

“Ai, family misfortune, family misfortune, I have a younger brother who actually stole the patriarch’s treasure map and ran away to this Jialing County.”

“I just inquired that he was actually selling this treasure map, I came back to take him away and be punished.”

Wajang said with a sigh!


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