A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2850

Ji Yun was furious, his body trembling as he looked coldly at Kai and gritted his teeth, “Kid, wait, as soon as you get out of this Jialing County, I will have your life!”

“I’ll be waiting ……”

Kai smiled faintly, then turned around and walked into the living room!

The others followed suit, but this time, many people looked at Kai with strange eyes, speculating on Kai’s identity and why that Lord Yan would openly favor Kai!

Kai was just a small cultivator at the second level of the Harmonious Body realm, and his strength was not very strong.

Could it be that Lord Yan was a relative of Kai’s?

“Hello this brother, my name is Neo Bao, you are also here to buy the treasure map, right?”

At this moment, a man with a large sword on his back and a sturdy figure came over and greeted Kai after him!

This man was one of the three at the beginning, at the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm!

“Not bad!” Kai nodded his head!
“I don’t know if this treasure map is true or not, but I have heard that this Ancient Body Refining Clan, indeed, has treasures, so if brother is also planning to go in search of treasures, we can travel together.”

“As you know, the extreme north is sparsely populated, the environment is harsh and often infested with demonic beasts.”

“More to the point, many demonic cultivators also hide in those kinds of sparsely populated places, with your current cultivation levels, even if you find the treasure, I’m afraid it would be difficult to keep it!”

Neo Bao took the initiative to follow Kai in an alliance!

Kai knew that the reason why this Neo Bao sought his alliance was simply because he saw Lord Yan’s attitude towards him!

Otherwise, how could a cultivator of the fifth rank of the Combined Body realm seek an alliance with them, cultivators of a lower realm, wouldn’t that be finding himself a burden!

Only that Kai didn’t want to ally with anyone, in an environment like the Celestial Realm, Kai didn’t dare to trust any stranger so easily!

Because no one, too, could resist the lure of profit!

“Sorry, I haven’t thought about going to the treasure yet, I just came over to take a casual look ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Oh, forget it then!”

Neo Bao was a little disappointed and sat back down in his seat!

“Sorry for keeping you all waiting ……”

At that moment, a tall figure appeared, and with a mask on, and said with an arch towards the crowd!

Kai shot a glance at the man, followed by a divine sense that instantly enveloped him!

The man seemed to be intentionally suppressing his own aura, so Kai’s divine sense probe was unable to detect anything!

Seeing this, Kai once again strengthened his divine sense, and this time, he felt a trace of the aura of the Ancient Body Refining Clan from the man, which could prove that this Watt was really of the Ancient Body Refining Clan and was not lying!

Watt also seemed to sense that someone was probing him, and his eyes looked over towards the few people in the living room.
Seeing this, Kai hurriedly withdrew his divine sense and pretended to look relaxed!

After looking twice, Watt did not find out who had scouted him, so he gave up and then spoke, “I believe that you all have come here for the treasure map.”

“As this is the first time we have met, let me introduce myself to you all, my name is Watt, I come from the Far North, and I am of the Ancient Body Refining Clan.”

“Many of you should have heard that a long time ago our predecessors of the Ancient Body Refining Clan once buried a treasure, now after so many years, no one can remember the location of the treasure!”

“But in my hand, I have the treasure map of this treasure, because of its age, there are some fragments, but the general direction is still shown.”

“I have this treasure map, 100 million spirit coins a piece, as for you to take the treasure map, who can find that treasure, that depends on your own luck, don’t ask me about the authenticity of the treasure map, those who believe me, pay the money to give the map, those who don’t believe, go out and turn right, I am not forced!”

Although Watt was wearing a mask, he sounded arrogant, as if he was not worried about selling this treasure map at all!


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