A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2844

“Mr. Chen, I heard that you won the first place in the competition, right?”

Big Jay said happily!

Kai nodded “I didn’t expect you guys to be quite well-informed.”

“Mr. Chen, this time the first place, must have gotten a lot of resources, I wonder if we three brothers ……”

Er Jie looked at Kai with a playful smile!

“Don’t worry, as long as you hang out with me, you’ll eat nine meals in three days.”

Kai patted Erjie’s shoulder!

“I told you, Mr. Chen won’t leave us alone, we’ll follow Mr. Chen to our death from now on!”

Three Jie said excitedly!

After all, following Kai was better than them stealing chickens and dogs!

“Alright, we’re leaving Jialing County, so you guys pack up too!”

Kai said to the Three Monstrous Thieves!

“Mr. Chen, where are we going? Back to the Jade Tripod Sect?”

“I heard that in the north of Jialing County, a treasure is going to appear, so why don’t we go and look for it?”

Da Jie said to Kai!

When Kai heard this, he was stunned and said, “Treasure? What treasure? How do you know that?”

Kai had never told anyone about the treasure he was looking for, only the county princess of Jialing knew about it, and he was sure that the county princess would not reveal the news!

But now Da Jie actually knew about the treasure, but he just didn’t know if the treasure he was talking about was the same as the treasure Kai was looking for!

“A lot of people know about it, there’s a guy called Watt who says he has the treasure map in his hands and is selling it!”

“Quite a few people here in the outer city have bought that guy’s treasure map, and I’ve heard that the price isn’t cheap!”

Big Jay said!

“Yeah, it’s expensive, and this Watt says he’s some kind of Ancient Alchemy practitioner and that the treasure belongs to their Ancient Alchemy clan and has been for many years!”

“Except that the treasure map he’s holding is defective and doesn’t have the exact location of the treasure marked!”

“But even so, many people are flocking to buy it, and this guy has already made a fortune!”

Er Jie said enviously!

“Watt, watt jar?” Kai frowned slightly!

He didn’t know exactly what the relationship between this Watt and Wajang was, and how another ancient body refining cultivator had appeared!

“Mr. Chen, what are you talking about? This guy’s name is Watt, not Wajang!”

Da Jie said to Kai!

“Oh, you guys take me to meet this Watt now.”

Kai said!

Kai wanted to see who this Watt really was, how he came by the treasure map, and see if this guy was really an ancient body refining cultivator or not!

“Mr. Chen, I advise you not to go, this guy is too shady, that treasure map costs 100 million spirit coins, and the initiation fee alone for going over to the queue costs 10 million!”

“I feel that his treasure map is a fake, there’s no need for us to be cheated by him!”

Big Jay stopped Kai from going to that wat!

“100 million spirit coins, is this guy crazy?”

Liu Ruyan shrieked when she heard it!

A treasure map that was not known to be real or fake, and was still mutilated, could actually be sold for 100 million spirit coins!

And this guy had obviously made quite a few copies, so he could sell it to many people at once!

In that case, it seemed that this fellow had really made a fortune!

“The more this happens, the more we have to take a look, to be able to sell it for such a high price, this treasure map should have a certain degree of authenticity!”

Kai said!

“Kai, but we don’t have 100 million spirit coins now either, right? Those resources have all been taken away by the Third Elder!”

Liu Ruyan said!

Kai smiled lightly “Don’t worry, we have as much money as we need, as long as I ask the people of Jialing County, I’m sure they will give it to me.”

Kai needed some money in order to get the Ice Pill Pill for the Lord of Jialing County, Kai believed that the Lord of Jialing County would give it to him!

Moreover, 100 million spirit coins were a small amount of money for the county of Jialing!


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