A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2842

“You don’t want to find the treasure? You can withstand such a great temptation?”

There was a touch of doubt in the Sheriff’s tone!

“Of course I can withstand it, because I know that even if I find the treasure and find that Ice Pill Pill, it won’t fall into my hands!”

“You will definitely take it away, am I right?”

Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said with a slightly gloomy expression!

That county princess obviously froze slightly, and then giggled!

“You’re too clever, but I won’t rob you, I just want to make a deal with you!”

“I can cure the poison in your friend’s body, and all you need to do is to help me find the treasure and retrieve the Ice Pill Pill!”

“As for the other things inside the treasure, I don’t want any of them, I can give them all to you.”

“This deal is not a loss to you, right?”

The Sheriff said!

“How do you know that I will let you cure my friend’s poison?”

Kai frowned, he hadn’t told anyone about this matter, only a few people from the Danyang Sect, Suo Xing Yue, knew about it!

And it was still Suo Xingyue who suggested that Kai should seek help from the Sheriff to see if he could cure the poison!

And now the County Master knew about it too, which made Kai a bit suspicious!

“There’s nothing that happens in Jialing County that I don’t know about, including the other half of the jade token that that tile jar gave you.”

“But I won’t force you, if you don’t agree, you can absolutely take the jade token and leave now!”

“But before you leave, I can tell you that your friend’s poison is something that no one can cure except me.”

“Unless you find the person who gave the poison and get the antidote!”

The Sheriff said in a flat tone!

“Mr. Chen, don’t promise, that treasure shouldn’t be that easy to find, and that Ice Pill Pill isn’t that easy to get either, it will definitely be dangerous!”

“I don’t want you to risk your life just to get me back ……”

Yih said to Kai!

Yi Hyuk didn’t want to risk Kai for himself, if something happened to Kai, then Yi Hyuk would be the sinner of the entire Heavenly Dragon Hall!

“You are the county lord, why don’t you go find the treasure and get the Ice Pill Pill yourself?”

“Don’t tell me that with the strength of your Jialing County, you can’t get the Ice Pill Pill.”

Liu Ruyan was puzzled as to why she had to let Kai take the risk, so she questioned the county princess with dissatisfaction!

“Because she simply can’t walk out of this small two-storey building, her current body can only be supported by the spirit-raising formation within this building!”

“To be precise, what is in front of us is not a person at all, but a spirit body!”

“If we leave here, it would be good for the spirit body to dissipate and disappear completely!”

“And this Ice Pill Pill is able to condense the spirit and generate a physical body, which is why I was told to get it.”

“Am I right in guessing?”

Kai asked as he finished speaking and looked at the Sheriff!

After Kai finished his words, that county princess of Jialing County did not speak for a long time, obviously being guessed correctly by Kai!

Only after a few moments did the county princess say, “You are even more intelligent than I thought, and as a medicine master, you also know the art of formation, and you also possess the supreme fire in your body, I really can’t understand what you have gone through.”

As soon as the words “Supreme Fire” were uttered, Kai’s face instantly changed!

He hadn’t displayed this Demon Flame in front of the crowd, only when he was following that Gao Qijie in the competition, Kai had condensed the Flame on his feet, causing the icy cold Qi to not dare to come near him!

But no one had noticed that he was using the Greatest Flame, had they?

Kai didn’t understand how this county princess could even know that he possessed the Supreme Flame.

Seeing that Kai’s face did not look good, the county princess continued, “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you about the origin of your Supreme Flame, and I won’t ask you about your identity.”

“I just want the Ice Pill Pill, you help me get the Ice Pill Pill, and I will give your friend the cure for the poison, the best of both worlds!”


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