A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2841

“For the perception of spell formations, we can’t compare to Mr. Chen ……”

The Third Elder hurriedly said!

They didn’t know anything about spell formations at all, how could they talk about sensing the aura fluctuations of a dao spell formation!

Kai stopped talking and looked at the two-storey building carefully, reasonably speaking, the county lord’s residence was so magnificent, it was impossible not to repair the building, besides, Jia Ling County was not short of money, the renovation of the two-storey building would not cost much in spirit coins!

But now the building is still in its original condition, and the Sheriff still lives here, which means that there is definitely something special about this two-storey building!

Just as Kai was looking closely, the door of the room opened and Lord Yan came out and said, “The county lord invites you in ……”

Kai nodded, and then led Liu Ruyan and the others inside!

Now several people were looking forward to seeing what kind of person this county princess was, whether she was a man or a woman!

But after a few people walked in, they found that at the top of the hall, a gauze curtain was hanging down, and behind it was a human figure!

That must be the Sheriff, but because of the curtain, it was impossible to tell whether she was a man or a woman and what she looked like!

“Please sit down ……”

The county princess slowly spoke, surprisingly a girl’s voice, and it was as clear as a silver bell, very nice!

Seeing that the county princess of Jialing was a girl, the third elder and the others all looked a little surprised and curious!

But Kai’s face showed no expression, instead he was staring deadly at the figure, his brow slightly furrowed!

“You’re Kai, the one who came first in the Pill Master Association competition and has the Divine Nong Cauldron and the Heavenly Thunder Fruit?”

The Sheriff asked as she turned to Kai!

“Not bad!” Kai nodded his head!

Kai knew that this bit of his secret could definitely not be concealed from the Sheriff!

“You’re quite honest, now that you’ve won first place, what special reward would you like to receive?”

The Sheriff asked!

“I want to know, what reward does the Sheriff want to give?”

Kai asked rhetorically! <br>
Since it had been said from the start that there would be special rewards for the pill masters this time, the Shounen must have thought of them in advance!

<br> The special reward that I have prepared for you is this ……”

With that, I saw a white light coming towards Kai in a hurry!

Kai reached out to catch it and found that it was a broken jade token, which, when grasped in his hand, made Kai feel that his whole body was incomparably cold and he had to use his spiritual energy to resist the coldness!

The cold Qi emitted from this jade token was even stronger than the cold Qi that Gao Qijie emitted!

Looking at the jade token in front of him, Kai had a feeling of déjà vu, and suddenly, his eyes widened as he seemed to remember something!

He hurriedly took out the jade token given to him by Tile Jar from his storage ring and immediately combined it with the jade token given by the county master!

The two mutilated jade tokens actually fitted perfectly at this moment, it was simply one jade token!

Looking at the jade token in his hand, Kai’s heart was filled with shock!

He could not understand who this county princess was that she had a jade medal of the Ancient Body Refining Clan, and a jade medal that opened the treasure of the Ancient Body Refining Clan!

“Who on earth are you? How come you have the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s jade token?”

Kai couldn’t help but ask!

“That’s not what you need to know, all you need to know is that with this jade token, then you can find the Ancient Body Refining Clan’s treasure and open it.”

“There are quite a lot of treasures inside, I don’t know how many people are looking for this treasure!”

The Sheriff said slowly!

“Is this the special reward you’re talking about?”

Kai asked!

“Is this reward not enough? You have to know that there is an Ice Pill Pill inside this treasure, that is the inner pills of the Ice Pill Monster that is in the extremely cold land, thousands of meters underground.”

The Sheriff asked at Kai!

“I don’t want to know the value of the Ice Soul Dan, nor do I want to find any treasure ……”

Kai shook his head!


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