A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2840

After Suo Xingyue left, the old man handed Kai a bamboo decree and said, “This time you have won the first place, later on someone from Jialing County will send various rewards to your place of residence, in addition tomorrow you can use this bamboo decree to go to the county lord’s residence to meet the county lord!”

“Thank you, senior, I wonder if senior can tell me what the special reward the county lord is talking about?”

Kai was very curious about this special reward!

“Sorry, I don’t know either, it is something you need to know only after meeting the County Master!”

The old man smiled faintly, followed by a leap and left!

Seeing this, Kai could only follow Liu Ruyan and the girls back as well!

In the evening, the people of Jialing County brought in all kinds of resources, looking at the piles of resources, everyone smiled!

The Third Elder and Liu Ruyan used the resources to start cultivating!

Kai had intended to cultivate too, but when he looked at Yi He who was sitting in the courtyard, Kai went out!

Yi Hyuk’s strength was being suppressed, so he couldn’t cultivate at all!

And looking at Yi Hyuk, he should be worried about Isha, and his Demon Emperor City!

“Don’t worry, when you meet that county master tomorrow, he should have a way to help you cure the poison.”

Kai stepped forward and patted Yi Hyuk’s shoulder and said!

“En!” Yi Hyuk nodded his head!


The next day.

Kai brought Liu Ruyan and the others to the county lord’s residence early in the morning!

The county lord’s residence was in the very middle of Jialing County, and there were quite a few soldiers guarding around it, and Kai also found that there were several formations all around!

“Is this county lord that afraid of death? How could she be so well protected?”

Kai looked at the copper wall-like protection of the County Lord’s residence and couldn’t help but laugh!

After Kai flashed the bamboo order given by the old man yesterday, the guards let him through straight away!

But after entering, Kai ran into that Lord Yan!

It seemed that Lord Yan knew that Kai and the others had returned, so he had waited for them on purpose!

After seeing Kai, Lord Yan said, “Come with me ……”

Kai then followed Lord Yan through door after door and finally stopped in front of a very simple two-storey building!

He knew that the entire county lord’s residence was magnificently restored, but this humble two-storey building in front of him looked out of place!

Kai was a bit puzzled, could it be that the county lord was inside this humble two-storey small building?

“You guys wait here for a while, I’ll give a briefing ……”

After saying that, Lord Yan pushed the door and walked in, and then had the door closed!

“This Jia Ling County princess wouldn’t be living here, right? It’s too shabby too?”

Liu Ruyan looked at the small two-storey building in front of her and was puzzled!

“I don’t know what kind of person this county lord is, whether she’s a man or a woman ……”

Third Elder said curiously!

“This county lord is so mysterious and lives in a place like this, he wouldn’t have any weird fetishes, would he?”

“If he were to have any bad intentions towards us, a few of us are afraid that it would be hard to escape from here.”

Ich said with some concern!

“I don’t think so, right? I haven’t heard of anyone being harmed in Jialing County yet, Jialing County is considered a clean slate in this area, once you enter Jialing County, you won’t be in any further personal danger!”

The Third Elder said!

While the Third Elder and the others were talking, Kai didn’t say a word, tilting his head to look at the somewhat dilapidated two-storey building in front of him, and frowning slightly every now and then!

“Kai, what’s wrong?”

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai with that look, so she asked!

“Do you guys feel that this small building in front of you is strange?”

Kai asked!

“No? There’s nothing weird about it, except that it’s broken!”

Liu Ruyan shook her head!

The Third Elder and Yih also took a closer look, but they didn’t see anything strange either!

“This small two-storey building doesn’t feel like a building to me, it’s more like a container.”

“And there will definitely be spell formations within this small building, the moment I just opened the door, I even felt a fluctuation of aura!”

“This kind of fluctuation is very much like that emanating from inside a spirit nurturing formation.”

Kai said with a slight frown!


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