A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2836

After some examination, there was no mistake that the elixir Kai had made was indeed a seventh-grade superior and near-perfect elixir!

“Sir Meng, it is a seventh grade top grade elixir, there is no mistake ……”

Several people said to Meng He!

Meng He looked at the elixir in front of him and his face turned red, if he admitted it, it would prove that he had lost, not only would he not get first place, but he would have to kneel down to Kai and give away his Spirit Cauldron!

“Although this is a seventh grade top grade elixir, however, I suspect that it wasn’t made by Kai at all, it was you guys who did the trick and prepared the elixir a long time ago!”

“Otherwise how else would that Kai have been so calm at the beginning, besides his broken potion furnace, it’s unrealistic to try to refine a seventh grade superior potion, it would definitely blow up.”

“Gentlemen, Kai is only a fifth grade upper grade pill master, just with a broken iron pot like pot, he can refine a seventh grade upper grade pill in a few minutes, this is simply unrealistic.”

“This kind of pottery furnace can’t withstand the power of a seventh grade upper grade pill, it will definitely blow up, they are clearly joining forces to cheat me, I’m not convinced, I’m not convinced ……”

Meng He began to flash everyone’s emotions, trying to use the crowd to put pressure on a few judges!

“Yeah, I’m afraid this potion furnace can’t refine a seventh grade top grade potion, right?”

“A few minutes to refine a seventh grade superior elixir, without the addition of a dan furnace, a fifth grade superior pill maker refining a seventh grade superior elixir, it’s impossible!”

“There can’t really be something fishy going on here, can there? Is the Pill Master Association of Jialing County also engaging in underhanded operations now?”

The crowd shouted, as they too could not believe that Kai was able to refine a Seventh Grade Superior Pill for a few minutes!

This had left Suo Xingyue and the others with no choice, the pills were indeed made by Kai, but now that no one believed them, what else could they do?

“Meng He, how do you know that my dan furnace is broken?”

“What if this is a divine cauldron I have that is even more advanced than your spirit cauldron?”

Kai looked at Meng He like that and couldn’t help but sneer!

“I pooh, this piece of shit of yours is not even as good as my Spirit Cauldron, how about a divine Cauldron, what else can you do besides bragging?”

“If this were a divine tripod of yours, I would call you a father besides kowtowing to you ……”

Meng He spat fiercely, he didn’t believe, to his death, that this black-looking dan furnace of Kai was any kind of divine tripod.

“Forget it, I don’t want to have a son like you!”

Kai said with a cold smile.

“Little friend, don’t sell yourself short, it’s better to reveal your treasures ……”

At that moment, the old man slowly spoke up and said!

Kai glanced at the old man, knowing that the old man could see his own Shennong Cauldron, and nodded his head!

Kai walked over to the Shennong Cauldron and then gently tapped on it!

Immediately afterwards, the pitch-black colour around the Shennong Cauldron slowly disappeared, turning into a yellow-orange copper colour, and inside the Shennong Cauldron, a light glowed, and the three words Shennong Cauldron were clearly visible!

This sudden change made everyone freeze, even Meng He looked at the Shennong Cauldron as if he was dumbfounded!

“Shennong Cauldron, this is the ancient Shennong Cauldron, a divine tool for alchemy ah ……”

The old man shouted in excitement after seeing the Shennong Cauldron reveal its original appearance!

Suo Xingyue several people were also full of surprise at this moment, their eyes were wide open, shocked beyond words!

The crowd on the stage was even more dumbfounded, staring at the Shennong Cauldron with excitement in their eyes!

Meng He’s body couldn’t stop trembling slightly!

The Shennong Cauldron, this was a divine cauldron, many times more advanced than his own spirit cauldron!

How could he not understand how Kai could have a divine artifact like the Shennong Cauldron in his possession?

“Impossible, this can’t be …………”

Meng He shook his head frantically, unable to believe what he was seeing in front of him!


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