A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2835

Kai didn’t pay any attention to the taunts of the crowd, instead he flexed his fingers and a spirit fire began to burn inside the Divine Nong Cauldron!

Seeing this, Meng He also began to speed up, he had already succeeded in making more than half of his pills, so no matter what, he would be faster than Kai!

As for Kai’s claim of making a seventh grade pill in a few minutes, Meng He simply didn’t believe it, that was simply impossible!

Time was ticking away as the crowd stared intently at Kai’s pottery furnace, wanting to see if Kai could refine a seventh grade pill in a few minutes or not!

But now five minutes had passed, but there was no movement inside Kai’s furnace, and apart from a burst of spirit fire rising, almost nothing could be seen!

“So much time has passed and not a single change, let alone a few minutes, even if it was a few hundred minutes, he wouldn’t be able to practice!”

“Seventh grade pills, not just anyone can refine them, I don’t think this guy can refine them at all, how dare he brag about it!”

“Can you see, there’s not even a single change inside his pottery furnace, just like that and he still wants to practice a seventh grade pill?”

The crowd mocked at Kai one after another!

Even Suo Xingyue and the others were frowning slightly, not understanding why Kai was betting after Meng He!

Five minutes had passed and there was still no movement in the furnace, so I was afraid that the refinement would not be completed within a few minutes!

At this moment, Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder also began to have some worries, even though Kai had the divine Nong Cauldron, there was no problem at all in refining a seventh grade pill!

But it was a bit difficult to make a seventh grade pill in a few minutes!

Just when the crowd didn’t believe that Kai could refine a seventh grade pill in a few minutes, suddenly a burst of fire burst into the sky from within Kai’s Shennong Cauldron!

In the Shennong Cauldron, a crimson coloured elixir rose to the sky and then fell into Kai’s hand!

“The seventh-grade elixir has been completed, please let the judges look at it!”

Kai casually threw the seventh-grade elixir in front of the old man!

The old man and Suo Xingyue and the others all gathered together, then looked at the seventh grade elixir Kai had made!

Soon after, the old man announced, “This is a seventh grade top grade red heat elixir, nearly perfect, it took only seven minutes ……”

As the old man’s words fell, all the crowd was filled with shock!

One had to know that Kai’s strength was not high, he was only a fifth grade upper dan master, how could he use a broken dan furnace to refine a seventh grade upper grade and nearly perfect dan?

And it only took seven minutes, this was simply impossible and beyond everyone’s knowledge!

“Impossible, I don’t believe it, how could a fifth grade upper strength pill maker refine a seventh grade upper grade pill in such a short time if he didn’t rely on the augmentation of the furnace?”

“There must be a fake here, you guys are working together to cheat ……”

Meng He shouted, he simply didn’t believe that Kai could refine a seventh grade top grade elixir in a few minutes, besides using such a broken potion furnace!

“Meng He, you don’t believe us?”

Suo Xing Yue asked with a cold face!

“I don’t believe you, you are in cahoots with that Kai, otherwise you wouldn’t have added this fourth match, you are there to make him win.”

“What he practiced wasn’t even a seventh grade top grade elixir ……”

Meng He said without showing any weakness!

“Well then, don’t say you weren’t given the chance, you can come up and check to see if this is a seventh grade superior elixir or not.”

Suo Xing Yue said loudly!

“Fine, just check, but I need to invite a few more people up to the stage to check to see if it’s you cheating or not!”

Meng He finished, then picked a few people in the crowd!

The people who had come here were all pill masters, and all of them had no problem in identifying pills!

Several people came to the judges’ table and then began to examine the pills Kai had made!


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