A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2834

Suo Xing Yue thought that Kai had delayed making pills because he didn’t have a potion furnace!

“Elder Suo, don’t be anxious, the reason why Mr. Chen hasn’t started yet is because he has a good plan!”

Third Elder saw that Suo Xingyue was about to give Kai his own potion furnace, so he immediately stopped and said!

“Hey, this is the most crucial competition, we must not be careless!”

“If Mr. Chen doesn’t get the first place, then I’ll be the sinner, it’s all because of me ……”

Suo Xing Yue was full of self-blame!

If he hadn’t been set up, Kai wouldn’t have been using the competition this fourth!

The Third Elder patted Suo Xingyue’s shoulder and told him to calm down, and Suo Xingyue could only sit back down!

At that moment, in Meng He’s Spirit Cauldron, the spirit fire was rising, the fragrance of medicine was overflowing, and the flames were constantly changing!

Wisps of breath were circling around the Spirit Cauldron, and it was obvious that the refining speed was extremely fast!

But at this moment, Kai was still watching Meng He as if nothing was wrong!

Meng He was a bit furred by Kai’s look, so he said, “Why are you always looking at me? If you don’t have a potion furnace and can’t make a seventh grade pill, then admit defeat quickly and save everyone’s time.”

“Who says I can’t make it? I’m just too lazy to do it now, if I were to refine a seventh grade pill in just a few minutes, wouldn’t you be humiliated?” Kai said with a cold smile!

Meng He heard that Kai was so capable of bragging, so he said “Kid, stop f*cking bragging, I’m already halfway through this seventh grade elixir, even if you were to refine it now, there’s no way you could catch up to me!”

“To refine a seventh grade pill in a few minutes, what a brag! If you can really refine a seventh grade pill in a few minutes, not only will I kowtow to you, I’ll even give you this Spirit Cauldron.”

“But if you can’t refine it, how about you kowtow to me three times?”

When Kai heard Meng He say this, his eyes lit up and he said, “That’s what you said, do you keep your word?”

“A man’s word is a bond, so many people are listening, how can I not keep my word!” Meng He said!

When the others heard that Kai and Meng He were actually betting in the ring, they followed suit and became excited!

But they all thought that Kai was bragging, after all, who could make a seventh grade pill in just a few minutes?

“This young man, the power of his divine sense is very vast, but he is too young to say such things, and he dares to make such a bet.”

The old man looked at Kai and kept shaking his head!

Originally, he had admired Kai, after all, for someone of Kai’s age to be able to refine such a God Condensing Pill was indeed considered a genius!

But Kai just liked to brag a bit, and that was not a good problem to have!

So Xing Yue was also anxious, he wanted to stop Kai, he must not follow Meng He’s bet!

“Since you’re true to your word, I’ll make a fool of myself ……”

Kai finished speaking and casually moved his hand!

From within his storage ring, the Divine Peasant Cauldron instantly flew out, then steadily landed on the stage!

“What is this thing? Is it a furnace censer?”

Meng He looked at Kai’s Shennong Cauldron and couldn’t help but sneer!

Only to see that Kai’s Shennong Cauldron was pitch-black and without much luster, it looked like an iron pot that had been burnt!

The others observed Kai’s Shennong Cauldron and laughed in shame too!

“Holy shit, what is this thing? No wonder he didn’t dare to take it out, it’s too damned humiliating!”

“It’s not even as good as the censer used in the Jialing County competition, isn’t it just an iron pot!”

“Just this broken pottery stove, you still can’t throw it away, what a joke!”

The crowd ate and laughed at Kai, even Suo Xing Yue frowned at the Shennong Cauldron Kai took out!

And at that moment, that old man, at the first sight of Kai’s Shennong Cauldron, his expression instantly became incomparably surprised!

It was because he could tell right away that the Shennong Cauldron Kai had taken out was absolutely extraordinary!

Don’t look at the appearance, it should have been done by Kai on purpose!


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