A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2829

The old man looked at Kai in shock, struggling to calm his inner excitement!

He didn’t know how long it had been since he had seen someone with such a vast divine sense!

“A few elders, let’s post the answers that we each think we can win.”

The old man said to the few people of Suo Xing Yue!

Several people nodded, and then announced the answers!

When the answer was announced, everyone froze, even the old man was instantly frozen!

It was because apart from his own choice of Kai to win, the few people in So Xing Yue had all chosen Meng He!

“A few elders, what’s going on here?”

The old man’s face was grim and displeased as he asked!

The reason he had come to be the judge was to prevent cheating from happening, and now Kai’s God Condensing Pill was clearly a hundred times stronger than Meng He’s!

Now that Kai’s God Condensation Pill was clearly a hundred times stronger than Meng He’s, it was clear that they were cheating!

So Xing Yue and the others were now dazed and confused, their minds were a muddle, and they felt that the sky was spinning and they were confused!

“Now that the results have come out, my master and uncle are all a bit unwell, so I’m going to take them to rest.”

Seeing this situation, Zhu Zhu hurriedly stepped forward and said!

If they didn’t leave, Soso Xing Yue and the others would probably faint here!

The old man frowned slightly as he could see that something was obviously wrong with the few of them, So Xing Yue!

Just as Zhu Zhu wanted to take Suo Xingyue and the others away, the old man reached out and clasped Suo Xingyue’s pulse, and a spiritual energy struck into Suo Xingyue’s body!

“What are you doing?”

Zhu Zhu saw this and tried to stop her, but she was glared at by the old man and didn’t dare to move!

When Meng He saw this, he said loudly, “The judges’ results are already out, the first place is mine, why isn’t it announced yet?”

Meng He shouted, just to cause a commotion and stop the old man from examining Suo Xing Yue and the others!

The poison Meng He gave Zhu Zhu was not heavy, it would not be fatal, it would only eat away at the sea of consciousness, but the amount of medicine was small, it would slowly recover on its own after a while!

Meng He didn’t want Suo Xingyue’s life, all he wanted was the first place in the Pill Master Competition!

At this moment, the old man was examining Suo Xingyue and the others, but he didn’t find anything strange, which made him feel very strange!

It was reasonable to say that Suo Xingyue and the Danyang Clan had acted as judges many times and had never cheated for favouritism, so this was too strange!

And at this moment, Kai, looking at Meng He who was looking smug and shouting loudly, seemed to have thought of something and his body leapt up and landed in front of Suo Xingyue!

“Elder Suo ……”

Kai shouted at Suo Xingyue!

But Suo Xingyue was so delirious at this point that she couldn’t even speak!

Seeing this, Kai rushed forward and a divine sense enveloped Suo Xingyue’s body!

“What are you doing, do you want to harm my master?”

Zhu Zhu shouted, trying to stop Kai!

Zhu Zhu knew best in her own mind what was going on with Soxing Yue and the others!

Kai was not used to Zhu Zhu at this moment, his body exploded with an aura, instantly sending that Zhu Zhu flying away!

Immediately afterwards, his divine sense entered the sea of consciousness of Suo Xingyue!

Looking at the grey mist in Suo Xingyue’s sea of consciousness, Kai instantly understood!

The symptoms in Suo Xingyue’s sea of consciousness were exactly the same as Kai’s yesterday, except that Kai’s sea of consciousness was huge, plus the augmentation of Kai’s Golden Dragon True Body, so Kai’s sea of consciousness had not been eaten away!

Kai’s gaze looked coldly at Zhu Zhu, because that day they had become like this after drinking the tea Zhu Zhu had made at the same time!

If Suo Xing Yue and the few of them hadn’t also become like this today, Kai wouldn’t have suspected Zhu Zhu!

Looking at Kai’s cold eyes, Zhu Zhu didn’t dare to follow Kai’s direct gaze, and her eyes dodged as if she had done something wrong!


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