A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2827

With an incense stick of time, there was no way that these pill masters could refine a perfect fifth grade top grade elixir with their current abilities, but the closer to perfection he was, the easier it would be to win!

So these people all tried their best to start refining pills, and Meng He didn’t dare to be careless this time, concentrating on refining pills, except that he would also sneak a glance at Kai every now and then!

However, Kai paid no attention to that Meng He, concentrating on his pills.

A fifth-grade elixir was not something that any pill maker could refine, so every now and then there would be an explosion of the furnace!

An incense stick of time soon passed and the crowd took out the pills they had made!

Because someone had failed to blow up the furnace halfway through, only ten fifth-grade pills were sent to the judges this time!

Only all of them were half-finished, none of them were finished!

Seeing this scene, the corners of Meng He’s mouth lifted into a smug smile!

During the examination, Kai had been able to refine a perfect fifth-grade elixir in one incense burner, but now he couldn’t, so it was obvious that his own poison had worked!

When the ten fifth grade top grade pills were delivered to the judges’ table, a few of Suo Xingyue picked up the pills and began to hold their breath and concentrate, probing the refinement of each one!

But just as they concentrated, Suo Xingyue felt her head go into a trance and was unable to detect the breath within the pills, so there was no way to tell which pills had been refined more perfectly!

“Master, are you alright?” Seeing this, Zhu Zhu asked Soso Xing Yue with concern!

“Yes, I’m just a little dizzy!”

Suo Xingyue said, picking up the elixir and carefully probing it once again!

This time the judges took significantly longer to judge, but fortunately they selected the pills that were closest to perfection!

Among them were Meng He and Kai!

The old man in the middle seemed to notice the change in Suo Xingyue and the others, and asked, “Elders? Are you not feeling well? Do you want to pause the competition?”

“No, there’s only one more level left, maybe I’m a bit tired, it’s fine.”

Suo Xingyue hurriedly followed the old man and said!

“Alright then, let’s start the next level of the competition, but the next level of the competition is the most testing of mental strength, you can take a break in between the competition!”

After the old man finished speaking, he announced the start of the third level of the competition!

This third level of competition was the refining of the God Condensing Pill, although this God Condensing Pill was only an ordinary fifth grade pill!

Only the stronger the spiritual power was, the more perfect the pills would be!

If Meng He wanted to win, it would depend on this last hurdle, which was why he had drugged Kai, so that Kai’s sea of consciousness would be damaged, and by then Kai would not even be able to refine the God Condensation Pill, and even if he did, with a damaged sea of consciousness, the God Condensation Pill would definitely have flaws!

The remaining five pill masters stood in a row, removing the furnace as well, and then all five of them exploded with the power of their divine consciousness, which they then began to condense!

In mid-air, five shimmering God Condensation Pills appeared, while the five pill masters kept emitting their divine consciousness, wrapping it around the Pills they had made and using it to draw in the power of their divine consciousness!

Meng He was right beside Kai, and as Meng He was confidently refining the God Condensation Pill, he suddenly realised that Kai, who was beside him, had also exploded with a terrifying amount of divine sense power from his body!

The God Condensation Pill that Kai was refining continued to start expanding, and the light was becoming more and more intense!

“This …………”

When Meng He saw this, he couldn’t help but frown, he couldn’t figure out how on earth Kai, whose consciousness was damaged, was able to exude such a huge divine sense?


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