A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2826

After hearing these rules, Kai finally understood why this Pill Master’s Association competition required a third grade upper level pill master at the very least!

With a bell ringing, nearly a hundred pill masters in the ring began to refine pills!

The herbs and furnaces were all identical, which meant that everyone was on the same starting line!

The speed of making the pills depended on their own skills in making pills!

Soon, a flame rose into the air, and the rich fragrance of medicine spread out in all directions!

Meng He wasn’t in a hurry, but kept watching Kai’s movements!

After all, if you can make it into the top twenty, you can advance, and you don’t necessarily have to take first place.

As Meng He watched Kai, he wanted to see if Kai’s alchemy had been affected after being poisoned or not!

Kai also noticed that that Meng He had been secretly observing himself, so he unhurriedly threw the herbs into the pottery and began to refine!

As Kai was refining, he deliberately pretended to be struggling and his forehead was covered in cold sweat!

When Meng He saw this scene, he laughed coldly!

He knew that his poison had kicked in, Kai’s consciousness was damaged, and now he was even feeling the strain of refining a third grade top grade elixir, so he would definitely be eliminated when he got to the later exams!

It was possible that this first test would eliminate Kai!

More than twenty minutes later!


Along with a muffled sound, the fragrance of medicine overflowed, someone had finished refining the potion!

Immediately after that was the constant ringing sound of completed pills being refined!

Meng He was no longer deliberately inquisitive, but sped up his refining speed and soon had a third-grade top-grade elixir made!

When he was looking at Kai, he found that Kai had not yet succeeded in refining it, which made Meng He inwardly excited!

Soon after, the pottery furnace in front of Kai also let out a popping sound, and a third grade top grade pill flew straight out of the pottery furnace!

And Kai succeeded in refining the elixir, right at the twentieth place, if he had been a little later, he would have been eliminated from the first level!

When the crowd had finished refining, the top twenty refined pills were selected and sent up to the judges’ table!

Although the refinement was fast, it had to be done in quality and quantity, if it was half-finished, it would be invalidated and the ranking would be deferred!

But after all, the judges ruled that the first twenty pills were all qualified, after all, it was only a third-grade elixir, which wasn’t too difficult for these potters!

If they failed in the first level, there would be no need to compete later!

“What’s wrong with Kai today? A third grade top grade elixir is taking so long? It was almost eliminated.”

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai refining a third grade top grade elixir, all with such effort, and couldn’t help but wonder!

“I feel that there is something wrong with Mr. Chen as well, according to reason, refining a third grade superior pills, Mr. Chen shouldn’t have taken so long ah?”

The Third Elder was also full of doubts!

“Could it be because Mr. Chen is overworked?”

Yi Hyuk remembered when Kai didn’t look too good yesterday!

Hearing Yi-hye’s words, Liu Ruyan actually blushed, she thought that what Yi-hye said about Kai being too tired was because she had spent the night lingering with her!

The Third Elder looked at the blushing Liu Ruyan and just laughed and didn’t say anything!

Yi Hyuk also felt as if he had said the wrong thing and looked a little embarrassed too!

“The top twenty places have been produced, everyone else can retire ……”

The old man referee got up and said loudly!

Many people were filled with frustration and could only leave the ring, and soon only twenty people remained in the crowded ring!

“The following is the second competition, this time to refine a fifth grade superior elixir, the more perfect the fifth grade superior elixir is, the easier it will be for whoever refines it within one incense stick of time, the more likely they will succeed!”

“This time we will choose the top five contestants to stay, still the same potion furnace, still the same medicinal materials!”

After the rules were announced, these twenty pill masters began the competition again!


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