A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2825

Kai also knew what Suo Xingyue’s intentions were, so he didn’t force the issue!

After all, Suo Xingyue was also a fifth-grade upper level pill master, so if there was really something wrong with his body, he himself would have known about it!

And Meng He was inwardly delighted as he watched Suo Xingyue and the others look a little off and in a trance!

But seeing Kai talking and laughing and thinking quickly, it had to make Meng He a little suspicious!

Meng He got up and then gave a wink towards Zhu Zhu!

Zhu Zhu rushed to follow him out while Suo Xing Yue wasn’t looking!

When Kai saw Zhu Zhu running out after Meng He, he didn’t make it clear!

“Zhu Zhu, did that Kai take the medicine?”

Meng He asked to Zhu Zhu!

“Yes, I put it in the teapot at that time, Kai and my uncles drank the tea, I saw it with my own eyes, how could I be wrong?”

Zhu Zhu said with a firm face!

“That’s strange, why do I see that this guy doesn’t seem to have any signs of poisoning?”

Meng He frowned slightly, with a puzzled look on his face!

“Brother Meng, could it be that everyone’s physique is different, so the effects of the medicine play out differently?”

Zhu Zhu said!

“It’s possible, since that kid took the medicine, there’s nothing to fear, this competition, the first place is definitely mine.”

The corners of Meng He’s mouth lifted slightly!

“Brother Meng, after you win the first place this time, don’t remember what you promised me, you have to take me far away!”

Zhu Zhu said as she took Meng He’s hand!

“Don’t worry, you are my woman now, if I don’t take you away, who else will I take away?”

Meng He gently touched Zhu Zhu’s face, which made Zhu Zhu very happy!

After about an hour!

A few mellifluous bells rang out and everyone inside the hall got up!

“Mr. Chen, the competition will start soon, let’s move to the pill refining square ……”

Suo Xingyue said to Kai!

“Elder Suo, please ……”

Kai politely made a please in gesture!

The group of people walked out of the hall and then walked to the Pill Refining Square!

At this moment, the large square was already surrounded by people, all of whom had come to see the fun!

“Mr. Chen, the contestants’ waiting area is off to the side, so I won’t be accompanying you!”

Suo Xingyue and the others, as judges, were required to go on stage, while Kai and the others needed to wait off stage!

“Please be my guest, Elder Suo ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

Several of them walked onto the stage and then sat down in the judges’ seats, while Zhu Zhu stood behind Suo Xingyue!

And in the middle of the judges’ seats, there was still a vacancy, indicating that there were still judges who had not yet arrived.

“Mr. Chen, the middlemost seat is reserved for the Jialing County judge, for the sake of fairness in this Pill Master Association Grand Competition, Jialing County will also put up a judge to prevent anyone from cheating!”

“Now as soon as the ref from Jialing County arrives, the competition should begin, so get ready first!”

The Third Elder said to Kai!

Kai smiled and nodded his head!

Soon, an old man descended from the sky and slowly landed in the seat that was left for the judges!

Kai saw that a few people, Suo Xingyue, greeted the old man, and then the competition officially began!

Immediately afterwards, the many guards of Jialing County each placed an alchemy furnace on the stage and arranged the medicinal materials in front of the alchemy furnace!

Both the furnace and the herbs were identical, for the sake of fairness!

This way the competition is all about the strength of each pill maker!

“I will now announce that the competition will begin, and all contestants will take their places.”

“Each of you has the exact same alchemy furnace and herbs, this first competition is based on speed, and whoever can first refine a third grade top grade pill will be considered the winner.”

“In this first competition, only twenty pill masters will be left, so you have to give it your all.”

The old man, the judge from Jialing County, rose and said in a flood of words!


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