A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2824

Kai only nodded in response, after all, after knowing who Meng He was, Kai was unwilling to deal with this person from the bottom of his heart!

When Meng He saw Kai’s attitude, he didn’t get angry and then turned his eyes towards Liu Ruyan!

And with a colourful glint in his eyes, he unapologetically looked at Liu Ruyan!

Feeling Meng He’s gaze, Liu Ruyan’s face turned a little ugly, and then moved two steps behind Kai!

Kai also noticed that Meng He’s gaze towards Liu Ruyan was a bit wrong, so he coldly glared at Meng He, and then said to Zhu Zhu “Miss Zhu Zhu, don’t we need to queue up?”

“No need to queue up ……”

“My master told me to pick you up, there’s no need to queue if I’m leading you, come with me ……”

After Zhu Zhu said that, she followed Meng He forward, and the two of them were holding hands, talking and laughing!

Kai saw this and couldn’t help but shake his head, it was obvious that this Zhu Zhu was faking it to help himself, Suo Xing Yue had asked him to come and pick himself up and bring that Meng He in early too by the way!

There is no way that Soxing Yue would let Zhu Zhu pick up that Meng He, it must have been her own idea!

“Let’s go ……”

Kai said, leading Liu Ruyan and the others to follow behind Zhu Zhu!

“Kai, who is this girl?” Ruyan Liu asked!

“Elder Suo’s disciple, someone from the Danyang Sect.” Kai said!

“Then that guy beside her is her boyfriend, right? But that guy really doesn’t look like a good guy, he was looking at me with a lecherous look in his eyes, making me squirm!”

Liu Ruyan said!

Kai then told her about Meng He’s character, and when Liu Ruyan heard it, she said incredulously “This girl is too stupid to like this kind of man, she will definitely be cheated and bawled out.”

As they spoke, Zhu Zhu had led them to the side entrance of the Pill Master’s Association, which was also guarded, but there was no one lined up!

Zhu Zhu flashed her Danyang Sect’s token and walked straight in!

Seeing this scene, Kai could not help but sigh that the Celestial Realm was no different from the Mundane Realm!

It was really a lot easier to have connections and go through the back door!

After entering the Pill Master’s Guild, Zhu Zhu untied Meng He, supposedly for fear that Suo Xing Yue would see!

“Brother Meng, go to the hall by yourself, I’m sure you’ll be able to take first place this time ……”

Zhu Zhu said as she gave Meng He a kiss on his cheek in public!

“En!” Meng He nodded, and then left!

After waiting for Meng He to leave, Zhu Zhu led Kai and the others towards the hall this time!

Upon entering the hall, Kai saw that there were already quite a few pill masters waiting inside the hall!

A few people from the Danyang Sect were sitting on a few seats in the middle!

“Master, Mr. Chen is here ……”

Zhu Zhu stepped forward and said to Suo Xing Yue!

“Mr. Chen, come here quickly, sit next to us ……”

Suo Xingyue beckoned towards Kai and told him to sit next to her!

Kai walked over with Liu Ruyan and the others, then sat down!

The Third Elder, on the other hand, was greeting quite a few pill masters following him, these were all pill masters from various sects that had come to participate in the competition!

Kai also followed Suo Xingyue and made small talk, while Zhu Zhu took the opportunity to follow that Meng He and make eyes at him!

But while Kai was chatting with Suo Xingyue, he noticed that Suo Xingyue looked a bit dazed, so he asked, “Elder Suo, are you not feeling well?”

“No, it’s just that my head is a bit dizzy, probably because I was controlled by a demonic cultivator at that time, which has caused some damage to my body, so I haven’t fully recovered yet.”

Suo Xingyue said!

“Elder Suo, how about I give you a look?” Kai noticed that Suo Xingyue’s face looked abnormal!

“No need, my body will be fine, I am a medicine master myself, can’t I see this.”

Suo Xingyue waved her hand and said!

In front of so many people, asking a junior to see himself, Suo Xing Yue was afraid that it would be too humiliating!


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