A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2817

Zhu Zhu turned around and looked at Kai who had already gotten up and said, “You guy, what are you pretending to pretend for, you still want to use the incense burner to make pills, this time the furnace exploded, right?”

“Luckily it didn’t hurt Brother Meng, otherwise I wouldn’t be finished with you.”

Zhu Zhu shouted at Kai, making Kai feel a bit upset!

But for the sake of Suo Xing Yue, Kai suppressed the displeasure in his heart!

“The furnace has exploded, the alchemy has failed, and your test is over.”

“At such a young age, you don’t cultivate in a practical manner, you just know how to brag ……”

The examiner said with an unhappy face!

After all, he was the one who promised Kai to use the incense burner to refine pills, and now the incense burner has blown up, although he doesn’t know the money, but he can’t afford to be held responsible!

“Who said that I failed to refine a potion?”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Your furnace has exploded, isn’t that still a failure in alchemy?”

The examiner asked!

“Of course not!”

Kai said, then opened his hand and a turquoise, fifth-grade top grade elixir appeared in his hand!

The rich medicinal fragrance instantly gushed out in all directions, filling up the entire alchemy room!

Looking at the elixir in Kai’s hand, everyone froze!

It was only after a while that the examiner reacted and said, “Bring it to me to check if it’s a fifth-grade elixir!”

Kai tossed the elixir to the examiner, who carefully examined it!

Soon the examiner’s eyes widened and he said with a shocked expression, “This …… is actually a fifth grade top grade elixir that has already been formed and is perfect?”

“How is this possible, to be able to refine a perfect fifth grade top grade elixir in such a short period of time, it’s incredible ……”

“What? This isn’t a half-finished product?” Zhu Zhu also exclaimed!

And that Meng He’s face was very grave at this time, his eyebrows tightly knitted together!

He couldn’t believe that Kai had actually refined a perfect fifth grade top grade elixir in such a short period of time, which would have been impossible for him to refine in such a short period of time!

Moreover, Kai had still used an incense burner and not a dan furnace, if this had been used, the time might have been even faster!

Thinking of this, Meng He’s pupils contracted violently!

If Kai also participated in the Pill Master’s Meeting, then he wouldn’t have a chance to take first place!

“Big brother Meng, this …… him is really a fifth grade top grade elixir, it’s incredible!”

Zhu Zhu said to Meng He as he held up the elixir Kai had just made!

Meng He came back to his senses, took the elixir and looked at it, and found that it was near perfect, without the slightest flaw!

“Now am I considered to have passed this test?”

Kai asked to the examiner!

“Passed, passed ……”

The examiner nodded his head repeatedly, “I’m going to notify to get you a medicine master document!”

Kai gave that bead a playful glance, then walked out of the alchemy room!

Zhu Zhu had always looked down on Kai, but now he was slapped in the face by Kai!

“Hmph, what’s the point of being so proud, it’s just a fifth grade upper level test, I believe that Brother Meng will be able to pass the test, too!”

Zhu Zhu looked at Kai like that, and immediately snorted coldly!

Meng He didn’t say anything, if it was an examination, Meng He was also capable of passing it, his current alchemy strength, had also reached the fifth grade upper level!

It was just that Meng He had never taken the Pill Master test again, so his current status was still only that of a fifth grade lower grade Pill Master!

The reason why Meng He hadn’t taken the Pill Master examination in time was because he was just pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

But now that he had seen Kai’s performance, he was inwardly shocked!

Kai had not just passed the test, but had easily taken this test!

Using an incense burner to practise a fifth grade top grade elixir in one incense burning time, this was simply perverted!

Meng He knew that he would never be able to refine it no matter what!

And the fifth-grade elixir that Kai had refined was still flawless and perfect to the extreme!


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