A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2816

“Hmph, I won’t watch you refine pills anymore, I can’t afford to follow that shame if I fail then.”

Zhu Zhu snorted coldly and turned around to walk out of the alchemy room!

After all, he had brought Kai with him, if he bragged about using the incense furnace to refine pills, if it really blew up, she would also lose face along with him!

In fact, there was no need to look, she knew that Kai would never be able to use the incense burner to make a fifth grade elixir!

After Zhu Zhu left, Kai picked up the incense burner and began to refine!

And Zhu Zhu, who had just walked out of the alchemy room, ran into Meng He head-on.

“Big brother Meng, why did you come to the place where the test was held, did you have a friend who was also taking the test?”

After seeing Meng He, Zhu Zhu’s face was instantly covered in smiles!

“No, I’ve come to look for you on purpose.”

Meng He said!

“Looking for me? What are you looking for me for?”

Zhu Zhu had an excited look on her face and was inwardly thrilled!

“Can’t I look for you if there’s nothing to do?” Meng He said with a smile!

Seeing Meng He’s smile, Zhu Zhu melted and hurriedly nodded, “Of course you can, Brother Meng can look for me anytime.”

“By the way, didn’t you bring that Kai to the test, how did it go?”

Meng He asked!

“Don’t mention it, this guy doesn’t think of himself, he actually tested for a fifth grade upper level medicine master, and passed the first level blind cat.”

“What about the second level of the test now, this guy is too good at blowing it, to use an incense burner to refine a fifth grade upper grade pill without using a potion furnace, how is that possible.”

“I don’t want to accompany him to be laughed at, so I’m coming out!”

Zhu Zhu said!

“Using an incense stove to refine a fifth grade superior elixir?”

Meng He frowned slightly, then said “Which alchemy room is he in? Take me to see, I’d like to see if this fellow has real skills!”

“Brother Meng, he doesn’t have any skills, in terms of strength, in terms of alchemy, that Kai is no match for Brother Meng!”

Zhu Zhu belittled Kai!

If Kai heard this, he would probably be furious again!

“Maybe this guy can really succeed, take me to see ……”

Meng He said with a faint smile!

“Okay!” Zhu Zhu nodded her head!

Meng He took the initiative to take Zhu Zhu’s hand and walked towards the alchemy room where Kai was making pills!

This made Zhu Zhu blush, but the excitement was too much to express in a single word!

Zhu Zhu led Meng He into the alchemy room, by now Kai had already sunk his teeth into making pills!

The examiner took one look at Meng He and Zhu Zhu, and didn’t say anything!

Meng He looked at Kai, whose eyes were slightly closed, and in front of him an incense burner was placed on the floor!

Inside the incense burner was a burst of spiritual fire, with green smoke coming out continuously!

Not far from Kai, a pillar of incense had already burned halfway down!

As long as the incense was burnt out, Kai’s fifth-grade, semi-finished pills could not be successfully refined, so he would fail the test!

“Brother Meng, see, half the time has passed and there’s still green smoke coming out of the incense burner, there’s absolutely no way this guy will succeed.”

Zhu Zhu looked disdainfully at the incense burner in front of Kai and said to Meng He!

Meng He didn’t say anything, he just stared at Kai with a deadly gaze.

Silence fell over the entire alchemy room, time was passing by minute by minute, and that incense burned out soon!

Boom …………

At this moment, there was a sudden loud sound, and the incense burner in front of Kai suddenly exploded and a white mist rose up into the sky.

“Brother Meng be careful ……”

Zhu Zhu hurriedly shielded Meng He with her body!

That examiner also hurriedly stepped backwards, with a few moments of slight anger on his face!

Now that the alchemy had even exploded in the furnace, it must have been unsuccessful!

After the white mist slowly dissipated, Zhu Zhu hurriedly looked at Meng He with concern and said, “Brother Meng, are you alright?”

Meng He shook his head “I’m fine!”


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